Elemental Pop Easter Egg COD: MW3Z

The Elemental Pop is a Perk in MW3 Zombies where they are referred to as Perk-a-Colas.

Elemental Pop Effects

Each bullet may trigger a random Ammo Mod effect such as Brain Rot, Cryo Freeze, Dead Wire, Napalm Burst, or Shatter Blast.

How to Get Elemental Pop Perk

Free Elemental Pop Easter Egg Reward

You'll need to head over into the Western Seatown T3 High Threat level zone to find a grave to Pay Respects at. It's the right grave if the tombstone has swords and rifles on it and Mister Peeks sitting on the wall across from it. When you Pay Respects, your weapon will be stripped of its upgrades and a Reward Rift opens up, hopefully containing parts of your upgrades or an Elemental Pop.

It's currently not fully known how to always trigger the Reward Rift to contain an Elemental Pop, but it does seem to be related to quality of the weapon upgrades.

Map Location:

cod mw3 zombies how to get free Elemental Pop

Perk machines

For an easy method, Elemental Pop can be bought from the Perk Machines for 2,000 Essence. Look out for shield-like icons on the tac map to locate these vending machines, but be aware that their locations and available stock change from game to game. In other words, you might have to visit a few Perk Machines to get the one you're after.


An exciting way to get Elemental Pop is by completing contracts. The Reward Rift might present you with a Elemental Pop Can or a Elemental Pop Schematic. Remember though, the rewards are mixed, making each initiation a surprise.


If you found the Crafting Schematics, go to your loadout menu, open your backpack, select "Add Item," and then go to Schematic Crafting to find the Elemental Pop under Perk-a-Colas. Crafting won’t cost you anything, but it does come with a cooldown.

Loot caches

Players fond of exploring might find Elemental Pop in the Loot Caches randomly. Although this is rare, it could save you the 2,000 Essence you'd spend buying it from the Perk Machine.