Comparing PUBG Maps: Which One is Right for You?

By Alex Cabal | updated On Nov 30, 2023, 10:13 AM UTC


PUBG (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds) is a popular online multiplayer battle royale game that features various maps for players to explore and engage in intense combat. Each map offers a unique setting and gameplay experience, making it exciting for players to discover and navigate through these thrilling worlds.

Erangel Map PUBG Visual Update

Erangel: The Classic Battle Royale Experience

Erangel is the original and most iconic PUBG map. It is a large 8x8km island that features a diverse mix of urban areas, open fields, and coastal regions. This map offers an intense battle royale experience with iconic landmarks like the School, Pochinki, and Georgopol, as well as abandoned military bases and compounds that provide plentiful loot opportunities. The dynamic weather system adds an extra layer of challenge and strategy, making it a thrilling and ever-changing map.

Miramar PUBG Map Desert

Miramar: The Desert Playground

Miramar is the second map in PUBG and is the perfect playground for any player looking for an intense battle royale experience. The map features an expansive desert landscape with plenty of unique terrain features and high-risk locations. Some of the key features of Miramar include:

Sanhok Island Map in PUBG

Sanhok: The Tropical Paradise

Sanhok is the third map in the PUBG universe and it doesn't disappoint. Set in a lush tropical environment, Sanhok is a compact and dense map that encourages fast-paced action and plenty of opportunities for stealthy gameplay. There are plenty of unique landmarks like the Bootcamp and Paradise Resort, as well as an abundance of vegetation and cover, providing players with plenty of strategic advantages to take into battle.

Vikendi Snow Map in PUBG

Vikendi: The Snowy Battleground

Vikendi is the fourth map in the PUBG universe and is set in a snow-capped environment. With its mix of open fields, mountains, and small towns, Vikendi is a great map for those who prefer to play with a bit of strategy. Footprints and vehicle tracks also leave behind valuable clues for players to follow, and the frozen lakes add a whole new element of strategy to the game. Vikendi also features unique weapons and vehicles that are perfect for navigating the snowy terrain.

Karakin NEW Pubg Map

Karakin: The Demolition Zone

Karakin is the fifth map in the PUBG universe and is set in a remote desert town. This high-stakes map is perfect for those who prefer close-quarters combat, and its unique features add a whole new element of strategy to the game. Karakin is filled with underground tunnels and hidden bunkers that provide players with tactical advantages, while the Black Zone feature randomly destroys buildings, forcing players to adapt in order to survive. With limited loot opportunities, players must be resourceful and aggressive in order to come out on top.


With its diverse range of maps, PUBG offers players an immersive and thrilling experience as they explore and conquer these unique worlds. Whether it's the classic battle royale setting of Erangel, the desert playground of Miramar, the tropical paradise of Sanhok, the snowy battleground of Vikendi, or the demolition zone of Karakin, each map presents its own challenges and opportunities for players to showcase their skills and emerge victorious. So gear up, drop in, and get ready to explore the thrilling worlds of PUBG maps!

PUBG also offers players a range of custom map options, allowing them to tailor the game experience to their own preferences. Whether it's shrinking the size of the play area or changing the weather settings, PUBG's custom maps give players the freedom to create their own unique battle royale experience. With the ability to customize the game, PUBG opens up a world of possibilities and provides an even deeper level of immersion for players.

Most popular questions about PUBG maps:

PUBG's selection of maps offers players a wide variety of gaming experiences. With a range of maps to choose from, questions about the different maps available, the most popular maps, the rotation of maps, and more, PUBG players are always looking for more insight into the thrilling world of battle royales. Here are some of the most popular questions about PUBG maps:

1. What are the different maps available in PUBG?

PUBG has eight maps for players to choose from, including Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Karakin, Livik, Paramo, and Haven. Each map has its own unique features and locations, providing players with different gameplay experiences.

2. Which PUBG map is the most popular?

The most popular PUBG map by far is Erangel. It was the first map ever released in the game, and it remains the most popular map to this day. It is a large 8x8 km map with a variety of different terrains, ranging from open fields to forests and mountains. Players can find a variety of weapons, vehicles, and loot scattered across the map. Erangel is the perfect map for long-range fights, tactical play, and lots of exciting action.

3. How often do the PUBG maps rotate?

The rotation of maps in PUBG depends on the game mode. In Classic Mode, the maps rotate every two weeks, while in Arcade Mode the maps rotate every week. The maps that are available in rotation are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Karakin, Livik, Paramo, and Haven. Players can select which map they want to play in Classic Mode, but they are limited to the maps in rotation in Arcade Mode.

4. Are there any new maps coming to PUBG?

Yes, PUBG is always adding new maps to the game. In 2021, they released the new map called Haven. It is an urban map located on a fictional island in the Adriatic Sea. Players can expect to see more new maps coming in the future, as PUBG is always looking for ways to add more variety and excitement to the game.

5. Can I play PUBG mobile on all the different maps?

Yes, you can play PUBG mobile on all the different maps. All of the maps are available to play on both the Android and iOS versions of the game. However, some of the maps, such as Paramo and Haven, are only available for a limited time. To stay up to date on the latest maps, make sure to check the official PUBG website for more information.

6. Is there a list of all the maps in PUBG?

Yes, there is a list of all the maps in PUBG. The list includes Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Karakin, Livik, Paramo, and Haven. Each map offers a unique gaming experience with different terrain, weapons, vehicles, and loot. Players can select which map they want to play in Classic Mode, but they are limited to the maps in rotation in Arcade Mode.

7. How do I select a specific map to play in PUBG?

In Classic Mode, players can select the map they want to play in the ‘Custom Match’ tab. Players can select from Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Karakin, Livik, Paramo, and Haven. The map selection includes a description of each map and a preview of the terrain. Once the map is selected, the match will begin. However, in Arcade Mode, players are limited to the maps in rotation and cannot select a specific map.