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How to Use Clear Decals Binds in CS:GO

By | updated On Nov 30, 2023, 3:40 PM UTC


Ever been lost in a firefight in Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO), distracted by the grubby decals of bullet impacts, blood splatters, and exasperating graffiti? If you've said 'Yes', then you, my friend, need the magic of 'Clear Decals'. Imagine the ability to clean up your game environment in the blink of an eye. That's precisely what Clear Decals in CS:GO offer - it's a lesser-known, yet game-changing feature you must explore!

What are Decals in CS:GO?

Alright, let's jump right in! You're probably wondering what clear decals are in CS:GO, aren't you? In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), a decal refers to the various effects that appear during gameplay. Things like bullet holes, blood splatters, and graffiti are all considered decals.

While these decals add a certain level of realism and atmosphere to the game, they can also clutter up your screen over time. Imagine being in an intense firefight, and your screen is filled with bullet holes and sprays of blood— it can be quite distracting, can't it? This is where clear decals come into the game.

Clear decals are a command feature that you can use to remove all decals from your in-game environment in an instant. Yup, as simple as that! By binding this command to a key, you can press it any time within a game, and it will immediately clear your view from any decals. It's like having a magic eraser for the CS:GO world!

How to Activate Clear Decals in CS:GO

You're probably now wondering, "Alright, I get what Decals are, but how on Earth do I clear them in CS:GO?" Don't fret, I've got you covered. To Clear Decals in CS:GO, follow this step by step guide and you'll have it up and running in no time. 

  1. Open up the console. Usually, this can be accomplished by pressing the "`" key (also known as the tilde key) which is typically located right beneath the escape button on your keyboard.
  2. In the console window that will open, you'll need to type a specific command: r_cleardecals. This command will manually remove the decals from your current game.
  3. But you wouldn't want to manually type this in during an intense showdown, would you? Exactly! So, let's bind this command to a specific key. To do that, you, again, type into the console the following line: bind "key" "r_cleardecals". Replace "key" with the specific keyboard button you want to assign this function to.

CS:GO Clear decals Before and After Comparison

And voila! You've successfully activated Clear Decals in CS:GO. Whenever you press the chosen key during the game, all the bullet holes, sprays, and blood will instantly disappear, leaving you with a cleaner gaming environment.

The Benefits of Using Clear Decals Binds in CS:GO

The table below outlines all the benefits of using the Clear Decals Command in CS:GO:

Benefit Description

Improved visibility

Clearing decals removes unnecessary visual elements like bullet holes, blood, and grenade scorch marks, providing a cleaner in-game view and increasing visibility.

Better performance

Continuous decal clearing can reduce game lag, leading to smoother gameplay and better performance, especially on less powerful systems.

Reduced distractions

Without distracting decals, players can focus more on the game strategy and less on the surface details, potentially improving overall performance and success in the game.

The Science Behind Clear Decals in CS:GO

Delving deeper, the science behind Clear Decals in CS:GO is rather fascinating. The game incorporates a rather sophisticated system where every bullet hole, spray, or blood splatter is saved as a 'decal'. When the round progresses, these decals build up and can clutter the landscape of the combat zone, oftentimes acting as persistent distractions. 

The Clear Decals command functions as a handy tool to clear this unwanted clutter. But how exactly does it work? It might seem like some form of sorcery, but it’s not. Let's break it down. 

The Code and the Command 

The command utilized for this process is 'r_cleardecals'. As soon as this function runs, it operates a clean sweep, erasing all the decals in the area. And no, it doesn’t just make them invisible – the elements are completely removed, freeing up some computational space for smoother gameplay. 

The Machine behind the Magic 

The underlying mechanism behind Clear Decals is the Source Engine, Valve's proprietary game engine. The command queue of the engine processes each 'r_cleardecals' order, promptly wiping all decals from the map. Clear Decals is a client-side command, meaning it only affects the player's view and does not impact other players in the game.

Binding the Command 

The Clear Decals command can be manually entered line by line in the console after each round, but that'll be quite tiresome and impractical during intense bouts. CS:GO smartly equips users with the ability to 'bind' commands to certain keys. This means you can pair the command with a key, pressing which would automatically execute the task. 

In a nutshell, Clear Decals bind leverages a smart command that keeps your game environment clean for an optimized playing experience, giving you a competitive edge. Now that you understand how it works, aren't you excited to apply it in your next match?