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FIFA 21 Ultimate Championship

How it Works

Our Championship Tournament is a special cumulative event that features the best players from each leaderboard collected after a month of weekly tournaments. The 32 players taking part in this exclusive tournament will compete in traditional bracket elimination rounds for free till the winner is crowned in a pulsating, nail-biting final.


The winner of our elite Championship Series competition will receive a spectacular grand prize of 125 Euros. Second and third place, on the other hand, will earn 75 and 30 Euros, respectively, for their commendable efforts.


To play your matches you must contact your opponent on PSN to schedule a time to play the match(you can find his PSN gamertag on the schedule or tournament bracket). If your opponent does respond to your PSN message and/or refuses to play the scheduled match you must take a picture of the chat on your PlayStation and send it to the admins by email

After you have played your match you need to take a picture of the results and send them to the admin by email at The winner will move on in the bracket to the next round. 

All matches will be played with standard Game Champions rules of 6 minute halves. Custom formations and Legacy defending are not allowed. Soccer aid team is not allowed. You must record the video of all your matches in case there is a dispute. You can record your gameplay by pressing the share button on your PS4 controller.


This exclusive Championship tournament will follow a traditional bracket elimination format, starting with 32 players in the round of 16 and progressing to a climactic final. The tournament will last 5 days with each day representing another round in the elimination process. The round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semis and the Final are the 5 stages that make up this competition. At 11 pm every night we will announce the matches for the following day.

* Each game has to be played and the evidence sent to before the 10 pm deadline of the following day or you will be disqualified.


Wednesday July 21:

oreyfifa21- vs figu7rinho_

Demon_Sauvage_ vs Calvink050_

kelsen243 vs Requindzz

serginhocara vs Segomezar

stelmo37 vs NouraouiB_

Freezesantana vs Ney23_23

TTV_Boykaaa vs Adolfito100

Dagui_16 vs HALWAGIRI

Leekelly12345 vs Sauvageri---974

torototo-75 vs Calvink050_

Klem7640 vs Madany_91000

ilobatu68 vs Kalibristolcity

Kyldan1 vs Dimitrismixail2

FasT_PedroPaulo vs blindmastr34567

NeoDaaz vs Coach_Mas

Alvinlesang vs NooblyShak

Thursday July 22:

figu7rinho_ vs  Demon_Sauvage

kelsen243 vs serginhocara

stelmo37 vs Freezesantana

TTV_Boykaaa vs Dagui_16

Sauvageri---974 vs torototo-75

Klem7640 vs Kalibristolcity

Kyldan1 vs  FasT_PedroPaulo

NeoDaaz vs NooblyShak

Friday July 23 QUARTER FINAL:


Saturday July 24 SEMI FINAL:


Sunday July 25 FINAL:


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Earning a Place in the Ultimate Championship Series

There are two ways in which our players are selected to compete in our free championship series event. The first way is through qualification, by ranking in the top 4 places of one of our weekly tournament leaderboards and the second is to be chosen by the admins through our loyalty program. As a player, you can only guarantee your entry by qualifying through one of our free weekly tournaments.

How to Sign Up for a Weekly FIFA Tournament

Signing up for our weekly FIFA tournaments is a simple and immediate process. The first and only thing you have to do is register an account on our site and from there you will automatically be registered on our FIFA Tournament leaderboard. To learn more about the rules or simply check out the current league rankings click the ‘Play Now’ button in the FIFA 21 PS4 box and navigate to the ‘Tournament’ tab. Once you have become familiar with the ins and outs of our tournaments, you can start playing free matches, earning points, and climbing to the top of the leaderboard. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to register for our next free FIFA 21 tournament and stand a chance at winning a part of our breathtaking 500 Euro cash prize.