WEEK 1, Tournament #2

Tournament #2, Week 1 Review

Today marks 1 week of our second Free FIFA 21 Tournament. A lot has transpired this week, and we have learned a great deal from the wide array of positive and critical feedback received from our users. In this article, we will take a look at the current leaderboard rankings, pick apart a few of the bugs and technical issues encountered throughout the week, and finally reveal some of the creative new features coming soon.

Current Leaderboard Rankings

The league leader at the moment is ‘Yohan Kouakou’ ranking top of the leaderboard with an impressive total of 4430 points. As it stands, 'Yohan Kouakou' is on track to claim the mega cash prize of 300 Euros. The prospect of a legitimate nail-biting title race has begun brewing behind the scenes during this week, with first and second place separated only by a slim margin of 130 points. ‘Nail Derdiche’ is currently the closest to dethroning ‘Yohan Kouakou’ at the top of the leaderboard with a striking total of 4300 points. Currently, ‘Nail Derdiche’ is in place to earn a sizeable 160 Euro slice of the jackpot. ‘Adil Loukili’4275 points—, ‘Yocolly N’Dri’3625—and ‘Tom Sorrel’3535—all deserve honorable mentions, managing to break into the leaderboard’s top 5 places off the back of some truly inspired performances. These three players are also set to earn a large part of the tournament prize money. However, we have also tweaked our prize allocation formula to be more inclusive and to ensure that more players get a share of the mega cash prize. Instead of the top 15 (as it was before), the top 50, now all get some allocation of the prize

As we often like to remind our players, nothing is done yet. There are still two more crazy weeks of frantic FIFA action before anything is decided. And while it’s true that these players have certainly set the pace in this first week, they are not entitled to those top positions. Complacency from any of the players mentioned above gives other competitors a chance to steal their place in the top 5 and their claim to the glorious cash prizes that accompany such an achievement. In short, we want to convey that this tournament is a marathon, not a sprint. The champion will definitely end up being the player that has the legs to keep competing at a high and consistent level for the entire 3 weeks.

Bugs and Technical Issues

This week was relatively smooth sailing when compared to the technically plagued launch of our last tournament. One issue we have had to deal with this time is the surge of cheating and double account violations that erupted throughout the week. We have been very vigilant and swift at blocking fake accounts and distributing formal warnings to the cheaters. Anything that defies the integrity of the tournament and of our site’s terms and conditions is considered cheating and met with strict and unwavering disciplinary action. If you witness any cheating or fall victim to one of these player’s schemes, then send us an email at help@gamechampions.com. Reporting misbehavior helps clean up our site and ensures that all of our players are free to enjoy a fair and competitive tournament experience. Additionally, we are always open to hearing any feedback ranging from the exuberantly positive to the unforgivingly critical. Every comment and concern we receive helps us build a better, more inclusive community for all our players.

Coming Next…

We have a list of unpredictable and intriguing surprises coming in the remaining two weeks of the tournament. The first of which will come next week when we drop our first points multiplier for the weekend. From there, we will have an array of fun and increasingly large multipliers being implemented at landmark moments in the tournament life-cycle like the two-week mark, the last week, and the final hours.

Now is the perfect time to join our electrifying free FIFA Tournament. The one-week mark is perfect for new players as it’s not too late and there are still chances to climb up the leaderboard and gain up the lost ground. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to register for our free FIFA 21 tournament and stand a chance at winning part of our incredible 1500 Euro cash prize.