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FIFA Tournament Week 2

Two weeks have passed since the launch of our exciting trademark, Free FIFA 21 Tournament. Now that we are approaching the final day of the tournament—Thursday the 29th of April—we thought it would be the perfect time to look back at all the landmark events that happened and touch on what’s coming in the future. In this blog post, we will review the current leaderboard standings, elaborate a bit on the performance side of things, including all the bugs we encountered during the week, and announce exciting new gaming competitions that are coming soon to Game Champions.

Current Leaderboard Rankings

The top 2 positions are unchanged from the previous week, with ‘Kali Jones’ still dominating at the top of the board and 'Nail Derdiche' hot on his tail in 2nd place. ‘Kali Jones’ has kept up his impressive form from last week with impeccable consistency, accumulating an additional 5400 points in the past seven days. This brings Kali’s total point tally to a mindboggling 9812 points. Second place ‘Nail Derdiche’ is only 1237 points shy of surpassing Kali at the summit of the leaderboard. ‘Adil Loukili’—8335 points—, ‘Steven Mercier’—8105—and newcomer ‘Cameron Lumpini’—8067—occupy the following places in the leaderboard’s top 5. These players are just about inseparable, with all 3 of them occupying an incredibly narrow window of 268 points from 3rd to 5th place.

As we mentioned before, it is essential to remember that these are just the current standings and that nothing is final. There is still one long night of beautiful 1V1 FIFA action before the tournament closes. Never give up, play on and keep forcing your way up the leaderboard! Remember, miracles are born from unfavorable situations.

Bugs and Technical Issues

This time around, we were able to quell all the bugs and technical mishaps we encountered in the first week. For the most part, everything was working in near-perfect harmony. Of course, nothing is ever perfect, and there were undeniably one or two users that faced minor issues. We dealt with all these bugs swiftly and in a case-by-case manner. As always, we know there are still chances to develop this tournament experience even further, which is why we would love to hear your feedback. Please send us an email at help@gamechampions.com. Every comment and concern we receive helps us build a better, more inclusive tournament for all our players.

Coming Next…

Are you one of those players that just had a bad couple of weeks? Were you off your game for whatever reason? Or, did you hop on the tournament train too late? Not to worry, because you’ll get a chance to right these wrongs when our second Free FIFA Tournament goes live later this week on Friday, the 30th of April. That’s right; the party never ends here at Game Champions, so fire up those consoles, bring out your lucky controller, and ready yourself for another couple of weeks of tournament madness. This time around, players will stand a chance at winning an earth-shattering cash prize of 1500 Euros—which is a significant increase from our latest 1000 Euro tournament.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to register for our free FIFA 21 tournament and stand a chance at winning a part of our incredible 1500 Euro cash pot.