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Serie A TOTS Review

EA released the Serie A TOTS squad about a week ago for FUT21! The TOTS update celebrates the best and top performing players in a variety of world football’s most coveted league divisions. This team which is centered around players from the Italian top-flight league Serie A is jam-packed full of insanely talented players and meta cards. If you have been building a Serie A team from the beginning of FUT21 well, this promo will probably be your holy grail. In this article, we will take a deeper dive into all the best cards in the squad as well as some of the more underrated, best value transfers you can make.

Notable Picks

Luis Muriel

Surprisingly, TOTS Muriel only made the bench of this unbelievable squad. That being said, there’s no doubting this guy’s quality and how efficient he’s been in front of goal this season. His prolific scoring habits earned him a vast range of special card iterations including 3 TOTW’s and one RTTF. Muriel’s TOTS card is easily the best version of this player that exists in FIFA 21. His stats are quite simply put outrageous with 97 pace, 94 shooting, and 85 physical. At a price of only 130k FUT coins, this is easily one of the best deals currently available on the Ultimate Team market. Securing a TOTS Muriel will bolster your team with unique firepower and allow you to run devastating counterattack plays against your opponents.

Franck Yannick Kessie

If you’re looking for a powerful and steel-like presence in the midfield, then there is virtually no better player to include in your team than Franck Kessie. The Ivorian star has enjoyed a stellar season in the heart of manager, Stefano Pioli’s AC Milan midfield. Kessie integrated himself quickly as the season progressed and rapidly became one of Pioli’s most reliable and integral players, understanding the system and level of work ethic his manager preached. A rare level of physical strength, terrific positional awareness, and a knack for picking out the perfect pass are just some of the qualities that have allowed Kessie to shine so brightly this season. Kessie’s TOTS card capitalizes on all the assets listed above, putting forth a remarkably well-balanced package that promises to elevate your Ultimate Team’s midfield to new, unimaginable heights. Unfortunately, this level of quality doesn’t come cheap with the current market price for TOTS Kessie flying high at roughly 394K FUT coins. That being said, his stats speak for themselves—99 physical, 91 defending, and 90 passing—and they aid tremendously in justifying spending the big money it would take to bring him into your squad.

Theo Hernandez

In keeping with the theme of picking AC Milan players for this list, we want to highlight French international Theo Hernandez. From the full-back position, Hernandez has produced some impressive numbers scoring 8 and assisting 8 goals in all competitions for the club. This season Hernandez proved to be an indispensable member of Milan’s starting 11 and has been acknowledged for his inspiring performances with a chance to be part of France’s star-studded EURO 2021 squad. Hernandez fits the archetype for the modern full-back to a tee; he’s strong, he has breathtaking speed and his ball delivery is impeccable. Sadly, these assets tend to be highly sought after in the Ultimate Team community which is why his market valuation is so steep—600K FUT coins.

Romelu Lukaku

We would be remiss not to mention at least one player from Antonio Conte’s superb title-winning Inter Milan side. Lukaku’s 20/21 campaign set an unmatchable precedent for strikers around the world to study and admire. It was a season where the Belgian international polished almost all aspects of his attacking game to perfection. His passing was immaculate, his sheer power and explosiveness was Henry-esque and every time he broke through on goal there was a sense of inevitability that the ball would find itself in the back of the net. Simply put, Inter doesn’t win the title without Lukaku and his contributions; he was a force of nature. What is even more remarkable is that some of his most riveting performances came in decisive moments such as his amazing solo goal in the title defining Milan derby, his MOTM performances against Juventus, and his brace to snatch 3 points away from Napoli. Naturally, Lukaku’s TOTS card emphasizes the key strengths of his game with 97 shooting, 95 pace, 90 passing, and 95 physical. To sum things up, TOTS Lukaku is a tremendous addition to any FUT squad because of his lethal finishing, his ability to link up the play in the final third, and of course, because of his significant physical presence.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we looked at 4 not so obvious choices in this phenomenal squad and brought them under the magnifying glass to evaluate their greatest strengths and to explain how they earned their place amongst the best players of the season. In the end, the Serie A TOTS squad is an amazing collection of world-class talents that is worth looking at if you’re building an Italian league squad and you want to elevate it to the next level.

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