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Got an Amazon Prime and account?

Link them together for free rewards in your Blizzard games!

link your battle net account with amazon prime gaming for free rewardsImage source: Amazon

Amazon Prime Gaming provides some great deals on a monthly basis with which players can receive freebies, as well as free games. Of course, there are also some popular Blizzard titles included in these specials, but to get the goodies you’ll need to link your account with your Amazon account.

Thanks to Amazon Prime you can get specific mounts, pets and cosmetics for multiple Blizzard games like World of Warcraft, Diablo 4 and Overwatch. Things you’d usually have to pay a pretty penny for, so this is a sweet deal.

In this tutorial, I’ll go over how you can connect the two accounts so you never have to miss out on any specials. Just make sure to check Amazon Prime Gaming on a monthly basis to see what’s new!

How to Link Your and Amazon Prime Gaming Account

First of all, it’s important to note that you’re going to have to be an Amazon Prime member to be able to use these exclusive deals. So if you’ve got the subscription, then you’re basically already halfway there to getting some epic freebies and free games.

amazon prime gaming rewards from battle netImage source: Blizzard

Now that you’ve got your Amazon Prime subscription ready, what steps should you take to link your account and Amazon account? Easy, follow the list below, and you can link the two and then receive your free rewards right away.

  • Go to the Amazon Prime Gaming Landing Page.
  • Search for the game you’re looking for (for example: “Overwatch”)
    • If there are no results, then there likely isn’t a promotion for that game at the moment.
  • Once you’ve found your rewards, click on “Claim”.
  • It will redirect you to a new page where you click “Get in-game content”.

After these steps, you’ll be redirected to a brand-new page. Here, you’re going to be asked for permission to access your Account ID and BattleTag.

Simply click on “Allow” and then your account will automatically be linked to your Amazon Prime account. Once all this is done, you’ll return to the Amazon Prime Gaming website, where you can finally claim the content you’re looking for.

It’s a very simple process, and you will be able to earn some nice rewards. Amazon Prime Gaming also has other deals where you can get free games and content from other publishers as well, like Epic Games. 

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