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How big is Starfield Open World?

By Thomas Branderhorst | updated On Nov 17, 2023, 4:36 PM UTC


Bethesda's highly anticipated Starfield RPG is scheduled to be released on September 6th, providing gamers with a captivating open-world experience in a vast galaxy. As its launch approaches, enthusiasts are filled with anticipation about the chance to venture into the different planets featured in the game. Just how massive is Starfield? Undoubtedly, Starfield is the most ambitious game ever created by Bethesda Game Studios in terms of scale, and we have repeatedly heard the claim that there are 1000 planets in Starfield being emphasized.

The Scale of Starfield's Open World

The game being developed by Bethesda is likely to be larger than any of their previous games. The information available suggests this. This game combines exploration on planets and in interstellar space. It allows players to journey through both earthly landscapes and celestial domains. Additionally, the game will employ procedural generation to generate fresh and varied content, including planets, creatures, and events. As a result, the game will provide countless possibilities. This will ensure that players always have new areas to discover.

Starfield to Feature Over 1,000 Planets

During an interview with BBC, Todd Howard, the director of Starfield, disclosed that the game will feature "over 1,000 planets" for players to explore. This implies that the game will provide an unparalleled level of exploration, allowing players to encounter all sorts of new and thrilling surprises. The vast scale and extent of the game will be unmatched, delivering a distinct and immersive experience that has never been witnessed before.

What is the size of a planet in Starfield?

The planets found in Starfield will differ in their sizes, some being the same size as Earth while others much bigger. The game will offer a variety of planets, including both solid and gas giants, allowing players to explore different environments. Additionally, the planets will be created using a procedural method, ensuring that each playthrough will provide a unique and diverse experience. This will also ensure that no two planets are alike, giving every player an entirely original encounter.

Procedural generation in Starfield allows for limitless exploration.

According to Todd Howard, when players reach a specific location in the game Starfield, they will encounter a designated piece of land on a planet that they can explore. This piece of land will be approximately the same size as Skyrim, which is incredibly vast. It would take more than a lifetime to fully explore an area equivalent to 1,000 Skyrims. However, what happens when players reach the boundary of this area?

Starfield uses procedural generation to generate new planets and areas for players to explore. This means that the game has a vast and ever-expanding open world, where each player's experience is unique. Whenever players change their location or complete missions, the game generates new and different areas.

Additionally, the procedural generation of planets adds variety to the game, guaranteeing that players won't come across the same places twice. This feature encourages players to explore extensively and provides the chance to encounter species or life forms that they have never seen before.

How Long Does It Take to Beat Starfield?

While the exact duration of Starfield remains unknown, Howard mentioned in 2022 that the main storyline would typically take around 30-40 hours to complete. However, Starfield also offers a significant amount of side missions and opportunities for exploration. According to Pete Hines, the senior VP of Global Marketing and Communications at Bethesda Game Studios, he personally spent 150-160 hours on a single playthrough, with plenty more left to discover. This aligns with Bethesda's previous titles, where the main campaign offers substantial content, but there is even more available for those who desire additional gameplay. It is highly likely that players who wish to thoroughly explore Starfield will spend over 100 hours immersed in the game.