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Play GeoGuesser in Fortnite

Show off your Fortnite Location Knowledge with GeoGuesser

Fortnite GeoGuesser is hereImage source: Epic Games

Fortnite is a pretty huge game with ever-changing maps and locations. So, of course, there is also going to be a GeoGuesser for the game where players can show off their knowledge of the island.

Have you ever wanted to flex your Fortnite location knowledge to your friends? Well with Fortnite GeoGuesser that’s going to be extremely easy if you come out on top. But how exactly do you play Fortnite GeoGuesser?

Fortnite GeoGuesser: Where to Play

where to play fortnite geoguesserImage source: Epic Games

The original GeoGuesser is a web-based geographic discovery game that challenges players to guess their random location in the world using only the visual clues from Google Street View images. Players earn points based on the accuracy of their guesses. This concept has been turned into multiple other and new variations, with one of them being Fortnite GeoGuesser.

So, to play Fortnite GeoGuesser, you’ll have to go to where you have multiple options to choose from. You can go hard mode and pick “A Full History” where every Fortnite map and location is included, or you can simply choose from the different Chapters or Seasons.

Pro tip, if you like playing other games like Genshin or Elden Ring, then this website also has GeoGuesser for those.

Fortnite GeoGuesser: How to Play

how to play fortnite geogeusserImage source: Epic Games

Now that you know where you have to go, you need to know how to play. It’s very simple. You’ll be placed somewhere on the Fortnite map, and then you have to look around and judge by your surroundings where exactly you are. You then place a pin on the Fortnite map and conclude the round. The closer your own pin is to the actual location, the more points you get.

There are different game modes as well, where some require you to guess within a specific amount of time, while others give you as much time as you want and need.

A multiplayer mode has also recently been added to the game mode, where you can create lobbies and invite your friends to guess and play. Simply go on Multiplayer and then “Create a lobby”. Then you can choose the game you want to use – in this case most likely Fortnite.

This is the ultimate test amongst you and your Fortnite crew to find out who knows the Island the best… or at least previous iterations of the island.

So, grab your friends and see who is the ultimate Fortnite fan. Of course, for someone as skilled as you, this Fortnite GeoGuesser shouldn’t be a challenge, right?

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