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New LoL Faker Hall of Legends Skins Cost More Than Your Rent

Are players really willing to pay this much for a few Ahri skins in League of Legends?

fakers new hall of legends leblanc skinRisen Legend LeBlanc | Image source: Riot Games

Riot Games revealed that they’ve been working on a Hall of Legends, which will induct one iconic League of Legends player each year. The first to be added to this hall of fame is going to be none other than the ‘Unkillable Demon King’ aka Faker himself. 

With the introduction of the Hall of Legends, Riot is also going to feature an entire event to celebrate the player. While fans are excited to celebrate the history of Faker, there is one big downside, and that is the ridiculous price tag of the skins Riot is releasing. 

LoL Hall of Legends: All Skins & Cost 

risen ahri legends fakers new hall of legends skin is very expensiveRisen Legend Ahri | Image source: Riot Games

Riot is releasing three different skins in celebration of the greatest League of Legends player. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok has dominated the professional scene for over 10-years, winning four Worlds titles and multiple LCK championships as well. 

To do so, two of his most iconic champions, Ahri and LeBlanc will be getting new skins. While fans are excited to celebrate Fakers legacy, the price tag seems a bit steep and has fans worried it will ruin the whole event. So, how much is Riot charging for the Signature Ahri skin collection?

Cost of the Hall of Legends Collections and Skins

As mentioned, the new skins celebrating Faker and his legacy don’t come for cheap. You can only get them through specific collections and battle passes, meaning they’re going to cost more than an average skin to begin with, but just… look at the prices yourself. 

Skin Name



Risen Legend LeBlanc


1950 RP

Risen Legend Ahri


5430 RP

Immortalized Legend Ahri


32430 RP

Signature Immortalized Legend Ahri


59260 RP

The Signature Immortalized Ahri collection costs almost 60K RP, which roughly equates a total of $500. While this is far from the price of some Counter Strike 2 weapon skins, it’s still a ridiculous amount to spend on an in-game cosmetic for a video game. 

immortalized risen legends ahri skin is super expensiveImmortalized Risen Legend Ahri | Image source: Riot Games

The LeBlanc skin is included in the battle pass, which will also feature the original SKT T1 Zed, Ryze and Syndra skins from Faker’s previous World Championship wins. The battle pass also has some Faker Icons & Emotes included, as well as some wards and a banner

You can also get the Risen Legend collection featuring the Ahri skin. The battle pass is also part of the deal, as well as a few other goodies like an exclusive border and icon & emote. 

For the $500 collection, the Signature Collection, players would get the same content as in the previous bundle, along with these added extras: 

  • Signature Ahri Skin Upgrades:
    ▸ Faker’s Signature Move (Ctrl+5)
    ▸ Faker’s Structure Finisher
  • Paragon Chromas:
    ▸ Risen Legend LeBlanc
    ▸ SKT T1 Zed
    ▸ SKT T1 Ryze
    ▸ SKT T1 Syndra
  • Signature Splash Art:
    ▸ Ahri
    ▸ LeBlanc
  • “Final Boss Faker” Title
  • Signature Immortalized Border
  • Signature Banner
  • Immortalized Legend Collection
  • 100 Pass Levels
  • Exclusive Icon & Emote

Are these extras worth $500 though?

Overall, the Hall of Legends event is a great idea, especially with how old the esport is, but it seems that Riot missed the mark completely when it comes to the pricing of these bundles

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