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These CS2 Skins are worth A LOT!

From thousands to millions: The most expensive CS2 skins

the most costly Counter Strike 2 skins in the world

Everyone knows that when it comes to expensive skins, Counter Strike is the go-to game. There are multiple skins worth thousands of dollars and even though Counter Strike: Global Offensive has moved over to Counter Strike 2, the skins all moved over as well, retaining their value. 

Throughout the years, which skins have come out on top as the most expensive and most valuable? That’s what we'll go over today, so strap in, because you won’t believe the cost of some of these skins. 

In fact, these skins are so expensive that they have to be sold through third-party websites like Skinport, since the Steam Market has a price cap of $2,000. 

These are the most Expensive Skins in CS2

expensive cs2 skins awpImage Source. Valve

Skins can soar in price because of factors like pattern rarity and uniqueness. Some patterns may be extraordinarily rare and sought after, making them valuable. The skin pattern basically represents the texture, and some are far rarer than others. 

Of course, the float value, which represents the wear and tear of the skin, also plays a huge role. Skins that have a “factory new” value are considered to be in much better condition than skins that have a float value, “Battle-Scarred”. 

These are some of the things to look out for when buying skins and will factor into the high prices, just like how rare the skin itself is as well. 

5. AWP Gungnir

awp gungnir is one of the most expensive skins in cs2Image Source. Valve

In 2019 the Gungnir skins were added to CS:GO and have since become some of the most sought-after skins by collectors. There are around 3,300 in circulation, which makes them quite rare and therefore pretty expensive. 

A Battle-Scarred version can fetch a hefty price, but if you are one of the lucky few with a Factory New version, then you can earn a whopping $10,000 or more. 

4. Karambit / Butterfly / M9 Bayonet: Emerald / Sapphire

emerald knife cs2 skinImage Source. Valve

Doppler knives cost around $1,000 just by themselves. If you want to get one in a specific color, namely Emerald or Sapphire, then the price tag is going to shoot up significantly. 

Karambits, Butterfly Knives and M9 Bayonets in Sapphire or Emerald can cost someone up to $10,000, though it was once even more extreme, with prices reaching upward of $20,000. If you want to get one, but can’t afford it, then a Ruby M9 Bayonet can be picked up for just $8,000. What a bargain. 

3. Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore

awp dragon souvenir cs 2 skinImage Source. Valve

Who hasn’t heard of the Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore? This is one of the most iconic weapon skins in Counter Strike and continues to amaze fans in CS2. A Factory New Souvenir version can cost up to $150,000, but even worn versions can be valued at $50,000. 

The thing that makes the Souvenir version stand out is the rarity, given they commemorate specific moments in the history of esports. It’ll feature gold stickers of the teams and the event. There are just over 100 Souvenir AWP Dragon Lores in existence, which is what makes them so unique and expensive. 

2. AK-47 Case Hardened (661)

AK-47 Case Hardened skins by themselves might not be the most exciting, the moment you slap on the pattern 661, the cost will skyrocket. Any skin with pattern 661 can be sold for $50,000, so what makes the AK-47 so special? 

In January 2024, the first ever 661 Case Hardened Factory New AK-47 was crafted. This is the first of its kind, making it a unique piece. Though it has not been sold yet, some estimate it to be worth at least $1 million, while others claim it would go for $2 million. 

1. Karambit Case Hardened (Blue Gem)

karambit hardenest case skin blue gemImage Source. Valve

Finally, we get to the biggest hitter of them all, which is the Karambit Case Hardened with the Blue Gem pattern. This skin has become a myth of sorts in the Counter Strike community, with the knife having been bought in 2016 for a “mere” $100,000. 

Someone tried to buy the skin for about $1.5 million, but the owner turned down the deal, which could suggest that the skin is worth even more today. With there being only a 1 in 371 million chance of acquiring it through cases, this skin is basically a unique piece in all of CS2. To date, no other Factory New blue gem Karambit has been found. 

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