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These are the Most Used Skins in Fortnite

The definite top 10 list of the most played Fortnite Skins

these are the most used skins in fortniteImage Source: Epic Games

Fortnite and skins, name a better duo. Playing the game without a skin is almost unheard of these days, with Epic announcing a new collaboration every few weeks, bringing new characters onto the Island. Thanks to Fortnite’s third person view, you also get to see the skins you’ve spent money on as well. 

But with hundreds of skins in the game, which ones are the most popular? Some skins are just more popular than others. Let’s check out the most played skins in Fortnite so you know which ones win the popularity contest on the island. 

Fortnite: The Most Played Skins

Some skins just have more general appeal than others, making them much more popular. So here are the 10 most used skins in Fortnite. 

10. Brite Bomber

brite bomberImage Source: Epic Games

Brite Bomber is a total fan-favorite in Fortnite. During the 14 Days of Summer event, they dropped a fresh variant, the Beach Bomber, adding some sunny vibes to the mix. Not to mention the Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite - #FreeFortnite ad that went viral during the clash with Apple? Yep, Brite Bomber totally stole the spotlight! No wonder she’s so popular with the player base. 

9. Peely 

peely fortnite most played skinImage Source: Epic Games

The Peely skin made its debut in Season 8, so long-time players will remember this one fondly. Peely is considered a "classic skin," which contributed to its popularity. Since Peely was available pretty early on in the battle pass, a lot of players were able to pick it up. And if you don't have Peely, there are many other banana-related skins to choose from.

8. Scarlet Commander

Scarlet Commander most played skin in fortniteImage Source: Epic Games

Scarlet Commander is considered a “sweater skin” in Fortnite. While those are usually cozy and festive skins, we don’t question the Fortnite team on this one. It’s one of the most played skin, no matter what it’s designated as. Players love to show off their toughness while using this skin, and let’s be real it looks great, so it makes sense why it’s one of the most played. 

7. Par Patroller

par patroller most played skin in fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

Who'd have guessed a golf skin would be so popular in the game? It's not rare or pricey, but maybe that's the appeal. Either way, the Par Patroller skin is a total hit, and tons of players love flexing it. Are you one of them? 

6. Siren

siren most played skin in fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

Siren might only be one skin, but it’s got three different styles. Each is more impressive than the next, which could be the reason why this is one of the most played skins in Fortnite. The eye patch and business outfit might not match, but that’s the whole appeal and has made her one of the most popular skins on the Island. Only a few more skins can compete with her. 

5. Lara Croft

lara croft is one of the most played skins in fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

Lara Croft might be a video game heroine from a 90s video game, but even the younger kids love the way she looks. I wonder if Gen Alpha would say “Lara Croft from Fortnite” rather than “Lara Croft from Tomb Raider”... When the Tomb Raider star was added to Fortnite, the hype was real and thanks to a multitude of styles she’s become one of the most played skins in the entire game. And for good reason. 

4. Focus

focus popular fortnite skin
Image Source: Epic Games

This is probably the sweatiest skin on our list. Honestly, have you ever seen a bad Focus player? I sure haven’t, and it feels like in every single lobby there is at least one Focus-wearing overachiever. So no wonder this is such a popular skin and one of the most played. Now who are the top 3 going to be? 

3. Aura

aura top played fortnite skin
Image Source: Epic Games

Aura is one of Epic Games’ signature NPCs and also the third most played skin on the Island. For good reason, too, since this is a very pretty skin. So I’m definitely not complaining when I see them in every single lobby. Do you have this skin? Probably, and you’re also one of the many who use it, right? 

2. Football Skins

everyone is using football skins in fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

Customization is key here. There is no one specific “football skin” but a whole bunch that players can customize to their liking. You can slap your nationality on them, which during large sporting events like the Euros or Olympics only makes more sense to show off. Your opponents will know right away who you support, which can either mean you gain instant allies or instant enemies. A double-edged sword if you ask me, but a pretty damn cool one, so I understand why these are so popular. 

1. Boundless Skins

this is the most used skins in fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

The Boundless superhero skins are the most played skins in the entire game. They were added a few seasons ago and have shot up in popularity. You cannot go into a lobby without seeing a few of these. The cool thing that makes these skins stand out is the opportunity to customize them from head to toe. Color, hairstyle and other small details, everything how you want it. 

Sadly, Riot has disallowed some color combinations, since they were considered pay-to-win, but most are still possible, making these skins so popular. They give players a chance to show off their personal flare. Pretty neat, huh? 

These are the most played skins in Fortnite. Do you own any of these, or are you someone who likes to play the less popular skins to stand out? 

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