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How Rich Is The Biggest YouTuber MrBeast?

Let's take a look at the biggest content creator in the world, and just how much money he is making

how much money does mrbeast have

If there’s one name that’s turning heads, it’s MrBeast! This YouTube sensation is probably the richest out there right now. With millions of views pouring in, he’s amassed a fortune. So, just how much is MrBeast's net worth today? Let’s dive into how much one can truly earn by creating exceptional and unique content.

Everyone has heard of Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast and his insane videos. Not only is he the biggest content creator in the world, but he’s also known for his charitable deeds. But how much of the money he makes from his videos goes into his own pockets, and how much does he re-invest into new projects and videos? 

MrBeast Net Worth: Calculating His Earnings

Since MrBeast doesn’t need much of an introduction, it’s time to check out just how the content creator makes money. Let’s take a deep dive into where MrBeast gets his money from. Of course, we’ve got to take a look at all his YouTube channels. He’s got 5 active channels, as well as multiple inactive ones. Combined, he’s got over 435 million subscribers on YouTube. Much more than anyone else. 

mrbeast net worth in 2024

MrBeast, on average, garners around 3-billion views on a monthly basis for his main channel alone. On average, YouTubers earn $3-5 per 1000 viewers on their videos. So, you can do the math on that one. It’s a lot of money he makes within a month alone. 

But YouTube revenue isn’t the only place where MrBeast gets money, right? You also have to look at where else he’s got wealth stored away. He also owns several valuable properties, including locations in Kansas, Georgia, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York.

Considering the value of his properties and his luxurious car collection, his total assets are estimated to easily exceed $20 million. He also has multiple businesses outside his YouTube channel bringing in large sums of money like MrBeast Burger and Feastables. 

MrBeast’s Estimated Total Net Worth

There are multiple outlets that have tried to estimate MrBeast’s net worth and in 2023, Forbes estimated to have earned over $82 million. That’s triple what the second place, KSI, creator is estimated to have earned. Pretty insane, eh? 

annual income of mrbeast jimmy

If we add in his annual income, his assets and other ventures mentioned above, then you can already guess how high the number is. It is most likely around the $100 million mark, eclipsing many celebrities out there, and all that in his early 20s. 

Of course, MrBeast has stated that much of the money he makes with videos goes right into new content and that while videos do have sponsors, most of the money from those are used for those pieces of content. He is still the highest earning content creator in the world, but his spending on videos makes it hard to estimate how much he exactly makes.

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