New FIFA 21 Tournament

NEW FIFA 21 Tournament

Yesterday marked the last day of our very first Free FIFA 21 Tournament. We have already allocated prizes following the Tournament's has official conclusion at 6 pm CET. There will be a 24-hour window of downtime before the start of our second Free FIFA Tournament, which will go live at 6 pm CET on Friday, the 30th of April. That’s right; the party never ends here at Game Champions, so fire up those consoles, take out your lucky controller, and ready yourself for another couple of weeks of frantic FIFA action.

Past Winners

Our first order of business before we can discuss the new tournament format is to congratulate the previous winners. Click here to see our Tournament Champions record book complete with user names of all the past winners in our tournament history. 

Changing the Formula

Here at Game Champions, we appreciate the fact that nothing is ever perfect. Our tournament launch certainly wasn’t, and yet, we were able to deliver a mostly fun and holistic experience in the space of only 2 weeks. However, as we mentioned, there is always room for improvement and we want our tournaments to be malleable and ever-changing to satisfy the fluctuating wants and needs of our growing user base. With that in mind, we took all the constructive criticism and feedback you guys sent us and went back to the drawing board to make some significant changes to our tournament’s structure.

The first major change is that the tournament will now last a total of 21 days—3 weeks— as opposed to the two-week iteration of our latest tournament. We did this to make our tournament feel more immersive and to emulate the experience of a massive sporting competition like the World Cup or the Champions League. This structural change benefits all players, including those that join a bit later or even midway through the event. Joining late doesn’t exclude you from the possibility of earning a prize, since there is always more time to climb up the leaderboard and catch up on the lost ground.

The second change we made is regarding our final cash prize. This time around, players will stand a chance at winning an earth-shattering cash prize of 1500 Euros—which is a significant increase from our latest 1000 Euro tournament. Additionally, we have tweaked our prize allocation formula to ensure that more players get a share of the mega cash prize. Instead of the top 15, the top 50 will now all get a slice of the jackpot.

Playing on Console

Your Playstation/Xbox console will be the base of any tournament action you decide to partake in. To play a tournament match on our platform you first have to find a challenge by either creating or accepting one. From there, boot up your PS4/Xbox One and send a friend request to your match opponent on PSN or Xbox Live—his Gamertag will be indicated on the website. Once that's done you should be in communication with your opponent and you should be ready to play the match. The final step is to play the match on your PS4 or Xbox and report the score on our site. If you win, you get rewarded with points and, potentially, move up on the leaderboard. The higher your climb on the leaderboard the bigger the chance that you claim a slice of the amazing 1500 Euro cash prize. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to register for our free FIFA 21 tournament and stand a chance at winning a part of our incredible 1500 Euro cash pot.