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Ranking All the Fortnite OG Skins from the BattlePass

As a dedicated Fortnite enthusiast, I've recently had the pleasure of exploring the new OG Fortnite Battle Pass, and it's been quite the trip down memory lane. With the revival of the original Fortnite map, the nostalgia has been flooding back, and it's time to rediscover some of the classic skins that many of us have longed for. So, let's not waste any time and delve into the world of these iconic outfits.

7. Renegade Lynx

Kicking off our list at number seven is the Renegade Lynx skin. It's evident that this Battle Pass is tailored to evoke the emotions of old-school Fortnite players, and it accomplishes that remarkably well. The reappearance of Lynx is undoubtedly a welcomed sight, but it's the basic version that's landing in the seventh spot. Don't get me wrong; it's fantastic to see Lynx back, but trust me, there are even more thrilling skins to come. Additionally, this Lynx set includes three extra pieces of gear, which I'll also evaluate.

6. Lil Split

At the sixth spot, we encounter a Peely variant known as Lil Split. This skin offers multiple variants, including the base version, Strawberry, Matcha, and Hot Fudge. While these may not feel like entirely distinct skins, they do provide some intriguing choices. The base version stands out as the best among the bunch. Lil Split also brings along some stylish accessories, like headphones and sunglasses.

5. Dark Storm Lynx

Moving forward, we arrive at the fifth spot with the Dark Storm variant of Lynx. This skin oozes nostalgia, transporting us back to the golden days of Fortnite. The toned-down version of the original Lynx suit is indeed quite cool. Furthermore, the changes to Lynx's appearance make her look less like someone about to deliver a lecture on intersectionality. It's a refreshing take on a beloved classic.

4. Omegarok

The fourth spot is claimed by Omegarok, which is essentially a fusion of the Season 4 skin, Omega, and the Season 5 skin, Ragnarok. When I first laid eyes on this, I couldn't help but do a double take - it's a fantastic amalgamation of these two iconic skins. The set comes with a back bling that skillfully combines high-tech suit elements with a cape, resulting in a distinctive appearance. The pickaxe, Winter's Onslaught, carries an older Fortnite vibe, and the glider, Frost Burn, brings back memories of the classic Frost Wing. It's akin to a Mech Dragon, and it's remarkably cool.

3. Magmatic Renegade Lynx

Now, for the top three! The third place belongs to the final form of Renegade Lynx, known as the Magmatic Renegade Lynx. This skin introduces a fresh, unique look with its fiery theme, complete with a mask. It deviates from the conventional Lynx design and adds an enticing fiery twist that's visually captivating.

2. Omegarok Harbinger Armor Set

In the second place, we have the Harbinger Armor Set, a fusion of a Mecha suit and the Norse god of death, Ragnarok. This creative blend of two iconic skins is simply amazing. The attention to detail is outstanding, and it pays homage to Fortnite's rich history.

1. Spectra Knight

Finally, at the top spot, we find the Spectra Knight, a classic take on the Red Knight. It offers various styles, each with its unique charm. The set includes fantastic additional pieces like the Spectra Protector shield, Spectra Slasher pickaxe, and various helmet styles. This is a genuine display of creativity and design in the new OG Battle Pass.

Fortnite OG Season was Awesome

As we journey back to the OG Fortnite map, it's truly heartwarming to witness the return of familiar skins and classic aesthetics. The Battle Pass seamlessly combines nostalgia and innovation, serving as a reminder of what made us fall in love with Fortnite in the first place. I appreciate you joining me on this nostalgic adventure, and I hope you're having a blast on your Fortnite quests. I'll see you in the game!

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