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Roblox Unstoppable: How to Play on Blocked Devices

Use these tricks, apps or third party websites play Roblox on restricted devices

play roblox on blocked devices
Image Credit: Roblox Corporation

Roblox is an awesome online platform where you can dive into loads of games made by other players. Whether you're on a PC, phone, or gaming console, getting into Roblox is as simple as downloading the app and signing in.

But what if you're trying to get your game on with a work Chromebook or another restricted computer where they block game sites like Roblox? If you're hunting for a way to access Roblox unblocked to play awesome games like Blox Fruits, Adopt Me, or Pet Simulator, this guide has got your back.

Roblox on Blocked Devices: How to Gain Access

There are many ways you can log into Roblox, even on a device where the game is blocked. Of course, you’re going to need to get a little bit creative. So let’s go over all the different ways you can access Roblox. Make sure to find the way that works best for you, whether that’s through third-party sites hosting Roblox, Proxy sites, VPNs or APK downloads. 

Using a VPN

The first option we’ve got for you is using a VPN. Now on a restricted laptop this might be difficult, but if you’re using your own at home, and Roblox is blocked, then this should be an easy solution. 

use vpn to play roblox in restricted areas
Image Credit: Roblox Corporation

A VPN is the top choice for getting around region restrictions and accessing blocked platforms like Roblox. If you're on a Chromebook, just visit the Google Play Store and download a VPN to get started.

On a standard Windows PC, you can install either free or paid VPNs, such as Nord VPN, directly from your browser or through the Microsoft Store.

After downloading the VPN, connect to a server in any country, then go to the Google Play Store or the Microsoft Store to download the Roblox app. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can log into your account and start playing! Easy as that. 

Roblox Unblocked

these sites let you play roblox unblocked
Image Credit: Roblox Corporation

There are some third-party websites like which host Roblox. Just click the link right here and you can play some Roblox. Though, if that link is blocked, then maybe try the following two below so you can access the game. Nothing can stop you from getting onto those Roblox servers now!

Use a Proxy Site to Gain Access to Roblox

use proxy to access roblox on restricted devices
Image Credit: Roblox Corporation

Not only can you use third-party sites and a VPN, but there are also proxy websites which let you access Roblox. Just head to the ProxySite website or other similar third-party sites. Once there, enter the URL "" in the field so you can access the blocked website on the device. 

This should work as well, but if all else fails, then you can also try to download the Roblox APK file from an external download link and install it on your Chromebook. Windows can run an external APK using emulators like BlueStacks. 

Hopefully this helped you get back into Roblox and you can play the game without any worries going forward!

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