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The Deep Dip 2 Tutorial (Video)

Here's how to complete all floors in this crazy Trackmania tower map

how to complete all floors in deep dip 2 trackmania

The Deep Dip 2 tower map was released on May 3rd, 2024 and it is one of the hardest climbing maps in Trackmania considering there are no checkpoints. A total of 16 mappers worked on this, each one building a different floor with increasing difficulty.

If you're curious on how the players managed to complete it, or when you're hardstuck on a jump, this will be your best source of information as eLconn21 and Bren_TM drives us through the floors, one by one.

All Deep Dip 2 Floors (Clips)

Click on the floor you want to see the VOD from.

If you want to watch the full playlist directly on YouTube, click here.

Floor 0: Floorgang

Mapper: SparklingW/Speq

Driver: eLconn21

Mapper: Majijej

Driver: eLconn21

Mapper: Lentillion

Driver: eLconn21

Mapper: Maxchess

Driver: eLconn21

Mapper: SparklingW

Driver: eLconn21

Mapper: Jaakaah

Driver: eLconn21

Mapper: Classic

Driver: eLconn21

Mapper: Tekky

Driver: eLconn21

Mapper: Doondy

Driver: eLconn21

Mapper: Rioyter

Driver: eLconn21

Mapper: Maverick

Driver: eLconn21

Mapper: sightorld

Driver: Bren_TM

Floor 12 has not been cleared yet.

Floor 13 has not been cleared yet.

Floor 14 has not been cleared yet.

Floor 15 has not been cleared yet.

Floor 16 has not been cleared yet.


Top Deep Dip 2 Streamers

These are some of the most active streamers that pioneer the Deep Dip 2 progression, except for Jnic, who's sort of hosting a watch party of the streamers currently leading the climb.

eLconn21 Bren_TM Wirtual
Hazardu Scrapie simo_900
Mudda_tm Jnic MASSA

The Prize Pool

If you're serious about joining the competition, then you should know that the prize pool is getting bigger every day.

Current Prize Pool:
$30,000 +

Prize Pool Distribution

With such a big prize pool, the payouts are going to be significant to the three first players to complete the map. 

Here's how the prize pool is distributed:

🥇 50% to the 1st player
🥈 30% to the 2nd player
🥉 20% to the 3rd player

Useful Deep Dip 2 Sources

Check out these sites if you want to nerd out with stats and leaderboards for this map, or if you're feeling generous enough to donate to the player prize pool or directly to the mappers of Deep Dip 2.

Stats and Leaderboards 📊 Here you'll find the current leaderboard and other interesting stats. 📊 More in-depth stats and as well as a leaderboard can be found here.

Donate to Prize Pool or Mappers

Most of the prize pool that goes to whoever completes all 16 floors first, second and third is based on community donations. 

Donate to Prize Pool 🏆 Help increase the prize pool by donating via Matcherino.

Donate to Mappers 👨‍💻Show love to the 16 mappers that developed Deep Dip 2 by donating via GoFundMe.

Trackmania probably has the best, most wholesome gaming community out there right now, and I love being a part of it.

Floor Gang!

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