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COD MW3 - Warzone 3 Release Date 2023

By Alex Cabal | updated On Nov 30, 2023, 12:46 PM UTC


Set your expectations high and ready your gameplay strategies. The moment you've been eagerly awaiting is here. We're talking about the release of Warzone 3, the latest addition in the extensively popular Warzone series. On your mark, gamers, because this new installment is promising unparalleled excitement. 

Key Takeaways

  1. We expect Warzone 3 to officially launch together wtih Season One on December 6th, 2023
  2. Urzikstan, the new map, promising varied terrain and strategic gameplay
  3. Seamlessly transition loadouts, blueprints, weapons, and skins from Modern Warfare 3
  4. Snipers rejoice, one-shot kills return in Warzone 3 without specific attachments
  5. Gameplay improvements include the return of slide cancelling, automatic ammo pickup, colored weapon tiers, and tactical gas mask changes

Release Date of Warzone 3

Keeping it straight and to the point, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 arrived perfectly in sync with the upcoming launch of MW3's Season One. It is expected that the official launch of Warzone 3 will arrive in tandem with Season One on December 6th 2023.

Warzone 3 is coming on December 6th 2023

The signs are indicating that the game developer, Activision, might continue advancing what is known as Warzone 2.0, which recently was rebranded to just Warzone. Even so, a large chunk of the Warzone community is alredy referring to it as Warzone 3, so for that reason we'll also refer to it as such in this article.

Moving on, Activision seem keen on refreshing Warzone consistently with new features extracted from the Call of Duty game series. This includes introducing new play modes and maps to keep the gaming community engaged. 

Urzikstan: The New Warzone Map 

Gear up to explore Urzikstan, the brand-new map for you to conquer in Warzone 3. What's more, this new setting promises to bring a level of strategic gameplay and environmental variety packed full of thrilling twists and heart-pounding moments.

Expectations from Urzikstan 

Now that you're acquainted with the name, let's check out what Urzikstan brings to the table. 

  • Enhanced terrain: Expect an arena filled with varied landscapes, from dense urban areas to vast, open fields.
  • Clutter-free design: The new map is designed with a keen focus on gameplay flow, minimizing black spots to ensure a fair challenge.
  • Greater exploration: Urzikstan aims to draw you in with its intricate design, encouraging thorough exploration of the map for better strategizing.

COD MW3 Warzone 3 Urzikstan Map

New Features in Urzikstan

Thanks to the array of buildings in this new setting, players can enjoy a wide range of encounters. And to balance things out, deployable balloons and ziplines have been added to boost mobility. This thoughtful map design is sure to bring fresh and exciting matches for Warzone fans.

COD MW3 Warzone 3 Now has Ziplines

Full Map of Urzikstan

A closer look at the Urzikstan map will show a landscape dotted with diverse building structures, perfect for ambushes or surprise attacks. Can you already visualize the adrenaline rush during battles? With its strategic layout, Urzikstan sets the stage for engaging gameplay, promising a fresh experience for Warzone enthusiasts. 

COD MW3 Warzone 3 Urzikstan Full Map

Warzone 3 Gameplay Improvements

One of the standout features in Warzone 3 is the seamless transition of loadouts, blueprints, weapons, and skins from Modern Warfare 3. So, don't stress out about saying goodbye to your favorite loadouts. Warzone 3 introduces exciting possibilities for a variety of loadouts, adding another level to your gaming strategy.

Slide Cancelling Returns

Gaming isn’t just about killing, it’s also about moving, thinking two steps ahead, and strategically positioning yourself. With the reintroduction of slide cancelling and enhanced animations, you are going to love the smooth, responsive movement in Warzone 3. Players are happily slide cancelling again, just like back in Modern Warfare in 2019.

Automatic Ammo Pickup

Are you ready to focus more on the action and less on inventory management? Warzone 3 has upgraded its ammo pickup mechanics. Now, when you run over loot, you automatically pick up ammo, eliminating the need to manage limited inventory space. This simple yet effective tweak is expected to make a significant difference to your gaming experience. 

One-Shot Sniper Kills

Excitingly, snipers are buffed as one-shot kills make their return in Warzone 3. Now, snipers can achieve one-shot kills without needing specific attachments. This change adds depth to the gameplay and is set to re-energize sniping and quick-scoping communities.

COD MW3 Sniping is Back with one shot kill

Weapon Color Tiers

The return of colored weapons, a feature that'll surely be welcomed by many. This feature helps players to quickly identify different weapons and attachments, facilitating more informed decision-making during gameplay.

Gas Mask Changes

The gas mask mechanic also gets an overhaul in Warzone 3. Players can now put on the gas mask whenever needed. However, this comes at the cost of taking up an inventory slot. This change injects a tactical component, pushing players to decide their playstyle and loadout carefully. 

Our Thoughts on Warzone 3

Although there are some elements that might need a little fine-tuning, Warzone 3 provides a promising and refreshing experience for players. With changes to game pacing, the perk system, sniping, time to kill, weapon balance and more, players can expect an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience.

So there you have it. The revamped Urzikstan map is bound to offer thrilling experiences and unique tactical challenges. While some gameplay improvements introduced with Warzone 3 may require a bit of getting used to, we believe that these changes largely enhance the overall gaming experience.