Warzone Season 5 News

Warzone Season 5 New Info

Warzone season 5 is HERE and coming with a host of new and exciting features.

Map Changes

As is often the case with these seasonal Warzone updates the map will see some notable changes in its layout.

New Freight Train — A massive train filled with loot crates will now circle the entire map, providing a faster and more dynamic mode of transportation around Verdansk. This will also create a whole new dynamic for players in squads that want to hop in and start looting and controlling carriages while on the move.

Stadium Will Open — After spending the first 4 closed down, the Verdansk stadium is finally opening up in Warzone’s 5th season. The roof will now be blown open, giving way to a cover-peppered football field, empty rows of seating and an underground parking lot for players to explore and cause mayhem in.

Train Station Will Open — Although there have been some interiors to Verdank’s train station season 5 will now see it completely open up. Shoot, kill and loot in the station’s main ticket hall, platforms and new indoor areas.

Exterior Building Ascenders — Tall buildings were previously only accessible through staircases or elevator cables, making them too easy to fortify. This season, however, you can scale tall buildings on the map much faster than before by riding exterior building cables up to the rooftops.

New Modes, Weapons and Customization

Mini-Royale — This is a faster and more frantic take on the traditional Battle Royale mode. This mode lowers the number of players and only includes typical match events from the first and last 5 minutes of regular BR gameplay.

Wartracks—A new customizable option for players to show off on the battlefield. Wartracks are unlockable songs/tunes that will play for you and all your passengers when you enter any of the different Warzone vehicles scattered around the map.

New Weapon Drops—Weapon drops from loot crates have been rotated once again. The game now possesses 8 Common, 13 Uncommon, 15 Rare, 19 Epic, and 25 Legendary weapon variants for players to pick up and use.

Contrasting other warzone updates season 5 seems to be taking a few more creative and interesting routes to give new life to the stagnating formula of past seasons. Will these changes stand the test of time? Or will they revert back to the way the game used to be once the season is over? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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