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Is GTA VI coming to PC?

Take-Two Is Waiting To Announce GTA 6 For PC

why did rockstar not announce gta VI for pc yet

GTA 6 is going to be the biggest game to release in a long time with hype continuously building. So far it’s been revealed that the game should come to next gen consoles, but why hasn’t Take-Two revealed when the PC Port is going to release? 

Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has not made any announcement regarding the PC port of GTA 6, but this is likely a strategic move, mirroring their past game launches as well. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick recently revealed their strategy behind the announcement delay. 

GTA 6: Strategic Silence Regarding PC Port Announcement

It isn’t that Rockstar Games and Take-Two aren’t going to bring GTA 6 to PC, they just aren’t saying yes just yet. Zelnick explained that timing is the key factor when announcing and revealing information on upcoming games. That’s why the company is still waiting before they give the green light for a PC release. 

why is rockstar silent about the release of gta 6

First, Take-Two wants to dominate the console market, with the company focusing on perfecting GTA 6 for new generation consoles, before they get to polishing a PC port. 

PC ports often come out later due to the additional development time needed to optimize games for a wide range of hardware configurations. Developers aim to ensure compatibility and performance across diverse systems, which requires thorough testing and adjustment, leading to delayed releases compared to console versions.

It isn’t just that Take-Two wants to perfect one version over the other, but it’s also got a marketing strategy behind the delayed release. You know that every time a game is released on a new platform, there is a renewed hype around it and people start talking about said game once again. Easy as that. So of course, Rockstar will want to capitalize on as much exposure as possible, though let’s be real… it’s GTA 6, you need no exposure. 

But if you’re a PC gamer, then you’ll likely have to be very patient if you want to play GTA 6. Let’s compare the release of GTA 5. For console, the game came out in September 2013… the PC version? April 2015. If Rockstar and Take-Two follow the same timeline for the next GTA, then it would mean that you can play GTA 6 on console by Fall 2025 on console and on PC in 2027.

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