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Will GTA 6 Come to the Nintendo Switch?

Or is it maybe coming together with Nintendo Switch 2? Here's what we know so far!

news on gta 6 coming to nintendo switch

GTA 6 will be released in 2025. The game will be coming to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. By then, Nintendo should also have finally released their new console, the Nintendo Switch 2. Will it be powerful enough for the next Rockstar hit? 

While the current Nintendo Switch would burn and explode the moment you tried to play a game like GTA 6, due to the high specs required, the new Nintendo Switch could be up to the task. But even if it could run the game, would Rockstar choose to release the game on a Switch? 

GTA 6 On Nintendo Switch: Will We Get a Port For The Console?

is gta iv coming to switch

Rockstar has been very selective with which games they port over to Nintendo consoles in the past, so a lot of players are worried about whether GTA 6 will ever come to the Nintendo Switch 2. One thing I can say for sure, is that there will not be a Nintendo Switch 1 port, since the console just wouldn’t be able to handle a game as large and vast as GTA 6 – we’ve all seen the map leaks, and it looks huge

But on a Digital Foundry podcast episode, Rich, Oliver and Alex discussed whether GTA 6 could be coming to the Nintendo Switch 2. Since the upcoming GTA title is going to release in 2025, we should also have the Nintendo Switch 2 by then, which has some fans hopeful for a port. 

Unfortunately, Richard Leadbetter, who has been a staple in the games business for over 30-years, is not hopeful that a Switch 2 port is in the works. He explains that while the Switch 2 is “is going to have a proper generational leap, the stuff [Rockstar] is rolling out for GTA 6 is possibly beyond that.” 

switch 2 and gta 6 rumors

Oliver Mackenzie added on that the Nintendo Switch 2 might not be able to handle GTA 6. He believes that the Switch won’t be powerful enough to run the game:

"The problem here is that you've got a lighting model that might not have a good non-rt fallback and the Switch is not going to be powerful enough to run all that ray tracing. I just cannot see it."

So, it seems that experts don’t think a GTA 6 port if coming to Nintendo Switch 2. At least not at release. But given the PC port is coming a year later than console, they could do the same with the Switch, and bring it out after the initial launch, once they’ve had time to make some adjustments for the platform.  

So far, Rockstar has released L.A. Noir, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, and Red Dead Redemption for the Switch, so it’s obvious that porting over games to the Switch is not high on the priority list for Rockstar, but maybe with a new and shiny Switch 2… there is hope, right?

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