Tempus Razorback Assault Rifle

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Introducing the Tempus Razorback, a formidable firearm set to make its mark in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022), solidifying its position among the prestigious Assault Rifles available in the game.

As part of the exciting free content included in Season 4, the Tempus Razorback will be introduced, offering new possibilities on the virtual battlefield.

Drawing design inspiration from the real-life FB MSBS Grot, a renowned and reliable gun in the real-world, the Tempus Razorback inherits its excellence.

Here, you can find essential information MW2's multiplayer and Warzone including a comprehensive list of Weapon Attachments available to unlock via the Tempus Razorback in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

How to unlock the Tempus Razorback

Reach and complete Sector D13 of the Season 4 Battle Pass

Tempus Razorback Base Weapon Stats

Fire Rate 833 rpm
Pre-Fire Delay 0 ms
Muzzle Velocity 590 m/s
Burst Delay 0 ms
Ammo Count 30
Reload Add Time 1.37 s
Empty Add Time 2.2 s
Tactical Sprint 7.35 m/s
Sprint 6.06 m/s
Forward 4.63 m/s
Strafe 3.21 m/s
ADS Time 220 ms
Field of View (FoV) 50 °
ADS Spread 0 °
Drop Time 800 ms
Raise Time 800 ms
Sprint to Fire 150 ms
Tactical Sprint to Fire 220 ms
ADS Forward 2.34 m/s
ADS Strafe 1.84 m/s
Strafing Hipfire Spread 5.8 °
View Kick Ver Mul 1 x
View Kick Hor Mul 1 x
Gun Kick Ver Mul 1 x
Gun Kick Hor Mul 1 x
Ends After Shot # 0
Initial Gun Kick Mul 1 x
Initial View Kick Mul 1 x
Begins On Shot # 100
Sustained Gun Kick Mul 1 x
Sustained View Kick Mul 1 x

Tempus Razorback Weapon Progression - All Attachments Unlocked with Leveling

Here are all the attachments that are unlocked by leveling up the Tempus Razorback in Modern Warfare 2:

16" Tankr-V 3
OPR Threat 5
DM Proto-Grip 6
45 Round Mag 8
ERG-X1 9
H1 Precision 11
TA Ergo 12
Casus X 13
18" Tack-2L 14
SL-K Trim 15
TR Preamble 16
13" Frenzy IX 17
FLT-22 18
17" IO-XL 19
LTX Eclipse 20
60 Round Mag 21