Lachmann Shroud

lachmann shroud how to unlock and stats

Introducing the Lachmann Shroud, the newest SMG featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, solidifying its place among the array of deadly weapons available in the game.

With its release in Season 5 Reloaded and a design based on the real life Heckler & Koch MP5SD6 gun, this SMG is looking to become a staple in any Warzone player's arsenal.

For all enthusiasts eagerly seeking crucial information about this exceptional SMG, including the full list of stats and how to unlock this weapon, everything you need is written in this guide.

How to unlock the Lachmann Shroud

First complete the Sector E0 challenges, then get 30 Operator Hipfire Kills with SMGs.

Lachmann Shroud Base Weapon Stats

Fire Rate 714 rpm
Pre-Fire Delay 0 ms
Muzzle Velocity 250 m/s
Burst Delay 10 ms
Ammo Count 30
Reload Add Time 1.88 s
Empty Add Time 2.77 s
Tactical Sprint 7.65 m/s
Sprint 6.16 m/s
Forward 4.98 m/s
Strafe 3.38 m/s
ADS Time 190 ms
Field of View (FoV) 55 °
ADS Spread 0 °
Drop Time 433 ms
Raise Time 700 ms
Sprint to Fire 110 ms
Tactical Sprint to Fire 210 ms
ADS Forward 3.39 m/s
ADS Strafe 2.73 m/s
Strafing Hipfire Spread 2.7 °
View Kick Ver Mul 0.5 x
View Kick Hor Mul 0.5 x
Gun Kick Ver Mul 0.7 x
Gun Kick Hor Mul 0.7 x
Ends After Shot # 0
Initial Gun Kick Mul 1 x
Initial View Kick Mul 1 x
Begins On Shot # 100
Sustained Gun Kick Mul 1 x
Sustained View Kick Mul 1 x