Best 50 GS Loadout for Multiplayer

Best .50 GS Loadout and class setup in MW2 and Warzone 2

If you're looking to dominate the battlefield in Warzone, a well-optimized 50 gs loadout can be your ticket to victory. This powerful handgun hits incredibly hard and is one of the most potent secondary weapons available when used correctly.

In this post, we'll explore the intricacies of optimizing a 50 gs loadout to maximize its power and efficiency. We'll discuss everything from understanding its unique features and importance of attachments in Modern Warfare 2 to selecting optimal equipment perk packages for your playstyle.

We will also guide you on building full akimbo pistol loadouts that are effective even after receiving nerfs in season 1 reloaded. So whether you're new to using the .50 GS or seeking advanced strategies for your existing setup, this comprehensive guide on creating an unbeatable 50 gs loadout has got you covered.

Understanding the .50 GS in Modern Warfare 2

The .50 GS, better known as the Desert Eagle, is a powerful semi-automatic pistol in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone that can quickly dispatch foes with its impressive firepower. It's famous for its insane power, capable of obliterating enemies with just a few well-placed shots.

Features of the .50 GS

  • Power: The .50 GS packs one hell of a punch, making it one of the deadliest pistols in MW2.
  • Semi-Automatic: No need to manually cock back after each shot - this bad boy fires rounds rapidly.
  • Limited Magazine Size: With only seven rounds per magazine by default, you gotta make every bullet count.

This gun can be a real game-changer if you utilize it correctly, however its limited mag size may prove to be troublesome. So, before diving into multiplayer matches, it's crucial to understand how different attachments can amp up your gameplay.

Importance of Attachments

To unlock the true potential of this beastly sidearm, you need the perfect attachment setup. Each attachment brings something unique to the table - whether it's improved accuracy or extended range - they can seriously level up your gun's performance. For example, slapping on an extended mag will help you overcome its limited ammo capacity, while laser sights can enhance your aiming speed and precision. 

Mastering these aspects will not only give you better control over your weapon but also provide strategic advantages in intense firefight situations where every second counts.

Best Loadout for .50 GS

The right loadout can make a big difference when using the powerful .50 GS. A well-balanced combo of primary weapon, tactical gear, lethal options, and perks tailored to your playstyle is key.

Choosing Your Primary Weapon

An ideal primary weapon should complement the .50 GS's power. Assault rifles or SMGs are great choices due to their versatility. The M4 offers long-range precision and the MP5 is ideal for close quarters combat, making them both great complements to the .50 GS.

Tactical Gear Selection

Your choice of tactical gear also plays a crucial role in enhancing your performance with the .50 GS. Stun grenades can be particularly effective, disorienting opponents and giving you time to line up accurate shots.

Lethal Options

Semtex grenades are one of the most potent lethal options available. They stick to surfaces and explode after a short delay, perfect for taking out enemies behind cover or dealing damage over time.

Perk Package Selection

Selecting appropriate perks that match your gameplay style is essential too. If you prefer stealthy tactics, the Ghost perk can make you undetectable by UAVs, allowing you to move around maps quietly without being noticed by enemies on radar. For aggressive players who like rushing into enemy lines, the Scavenger perk helps replenish ammo from fallen players, ensuring a constant supply during intense gunfights. Lastly, if survival and longevity are a priority, the Battle Hardened perk reduces the effects of enemy flash, stun, and EMP, helping you maintain focus during chaotic firefights. Pick your perks wisely - every player has a special way of playing.

Optimal Attachments for the .50 GS

The .50 GS, a beast in Modern Warfare 2, can be even deadlier with the right attachments. Boost your damage, accuracy, and handling to dominate the battlefield.

Increasing Damage Output

Want to punch through walls like a boss? Attach FMJ rounds for some serious bullet penetration. And don't forget the Heavy Hitter perk to stun enemies with your melee attacks.

Maximizing Range Accuracy

Long-range engagements got you down? Equip the FORGE TAC Enforcer barrel for better recoil control and bullet velocity. Add a Laser Sight for pinpoint accuracy, even when spraying bullets like a maniac.

Better Handling with Right Attachments

  • Grip Tape: Stippled Grip Tape for lightning-fast reaction times in close-quarters combat.
  • Rear Grip: Rubberized grip tape for a stable shooting experience, because nobody likes recoil ruining their aim.

Oh, and don't forget about ammo choices. Hollow Point rounds for extra damage to unarmored foes. Time to make every shot count.

Field Upgrades to Complement Your Playstyle

In addition to weapons and attachments, field upgrades play a significant role in your overall performance on the battlefield. Two upgrades that can seriously level up your gameplay with the .50 GS are Dead Silence and Fast Hands.

The Role of Dead Silence Upgrade

Dead Silence is a must-have for sneaky players. Activate it to silence your footsteps and sneak up on enemies like a ninja. With the .50 GS's limited magazine size, catching opponents off-guard is key to eliminating them before needing to reload.

Fast Hands Upgrade: Quick Reloading

If close-quarter combat is your jam, then Fast Hands is your secret weapon. It speeds up your reload time, which is crucial when you're packing a firearm with a smaller magazine like the .50 GS. Faster reloads mean less vulnerability and more chances to keep the fight going.

To sum it up, mastering Dead Silence and Fast Hands can seriously up your survival game in Modern Warfare 2's intense multiplayer matches with the .50 GS. Remember, these upgrades are just tools in your arsenal. Pair them with the right loadouts and attachments to dominate the battlefield.

Mastering Gameplay With The Best Class Setup For the ".50 GS"

Now that you know the best loadouts, attachments, and field upgrades for the .50 GS, let's dive into mastering gameplay strategy. Using this powerful hand cannon effectively against opponents armed with other Modern Warfare Weapons requires precision and practice.

Aiming Techniques For Epic Kills

To become a pro with the .50 GS, you need to perfect your aiming skills. This ain't your average pistol - it packs a serious punch. Check out these tips:

  • Headshots: Aim for the noggin. This beast of a weapon deals massive damage, so targeting the head often means instant kills.
  • Crouch Shooting: Get low and shoot. Crouching improves accuracy and makes you a smaller target. Sneaky, huh?
  • Strafe Shooting: Dance while you shoot. Moving side-to-side confuses your enemies and helps you dodge their bullets. Smooth moves.

Don't forget to use perks like Sleight of Hand for faster reloading or Stopping Power Pro for extra bullet damage. And hey, tactical equipment like flashbangs or stun grenades can really mess with your foes before you unleash the power of your .50 GS.

Becoming a master with this weapon takes time, so keep practicing. Remember, practice makes perfect. So hop into those multiplayer maps and start dominating.


Once you grasp the ins and outs of attachments for the .50 GS in Modern Warfare 2, you'll be slaying with the best loadout for this beastly handgun.

From boosting damage to nailing those long-range shots, choosing the right attachments is key, but don't forget about field upgrades like Dead Silence and Fast Hands to really up your game.