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Best EBR-14 Loadout and class setup in MW2 and Warzone 2

When it comes to perfecting your ebr-14 loadout in Modern Warfare 2, there's a wealth of knowledge and strategy that can be applied. This marksman rifle boasts impressive longer-range capabilities but can also kick hard if not properly controlled.

In this post, we'll dive deep into the intricacies of the MW2 EBR-14 class setup. We'll cover everything from optic choices for clear view and open frame, grip improvements for flinch resistance, stock enhancements for mobility to barrel upgrades for bullet velocity and recoil control.

We will also explore how blending build strategies like Cronen Mini Pro Optic benefits or SO R55 Adaptor stock features could enhance your gameplay with the EBR-14. Furthermore, you'll learn about secondary weapon recommendations such as X13 Auto sidearm advantages for Close Quarters Combat (CQC).

Lastly, we won't leave out essential aspects like recommended perks and equipment choices that complement your ebr-14 loadout perfectly. So get ready to elevate your game with these comprehensive insights!

EBR-14 Loadout in Modern Warfare 2

The EBR-14: not the best sniper rifle, but versatile AF. Let's optimize your loadout for maximum performance.

Optic: Clear view, open frame

Choose an optic that gives you a clear view and an open frame. The VLK 4.0x Optic is perfect - magnification without blocking your peripheral vision.

Grip: No flinch, all headshots

Flinch sucks, so get a grip. The Cronen EM55 Grip improves stability and flinch resistance. Headshots for days.

Stock: Fast and furious

Need speed? Get the FTAC Lightweight Stock. Faster ADS speed for those close-quarter battles. Zoom zoom.

Barrel: Bullet speed, recoil control

Upgrade your barrel to the 22" Boremaster Barrel. Faster bullets, better control. Pew pew.

Muzzle: More range, less noise

Add a CN30 Suppressor for increased damage range and stealthy gameplay. Shhh... they won't see it coming.

Blended Build Strategy For EBR-14

The EBR-14 loadout in Modern Warfare 2 offers a unique blend of mobility and stationary power. This semi-automatic marksman rifle can be tailored to suit both aggressive and defensive playstyles, thanks to its versatile attachment options. Let's dive into how each component contributes towards creating this balanced build.

Cronen Mini Pro Optic Benefits

The Cronen Mini Pro optic provides a clear view with minimal frame obstruction, allowing you to track targets effectively at medium-to-long ranges. Its open-frame design also aids in maintaining situational awareness during heated battles. check out the full list of optics you can use in MW2 Warzone.

Cronen EM55 Grip Advantages

The Cronen EM55 grip significantly improves recoil control and aiming stability, making it easier to land consecutive shots on target without losing accuracy due to kickback.

SO R55 Adaptor Stock Features

The SO R55 Adaptor stock reduces aim down sight (ADS) time, enhancing the weapon's mobility for close-quarters combat and quick target transitions.

Benefits of 22" Boremaster Barrel Attachment

The 22" Boremaster barrel increases bullet velocity and improves recoil control, maximizing the EBR-14's longer-range capabilities. Check out GameChampions' guide on loadouts for more information on attachments and their impact on performance.

Polarfire-S Muzzle Characteristics
  • Increase damage range: The Polarfire-S muzzle boosts your ordnance weapon platform's effective range by increasing bullet drop-off distance.
  • Muzzle flash concealment: By concealing muzzle flash, this modification helps keep your position hidden from enemies.
  • Noise suppression: The Polarfire-S reduces gunshot noise levels, acting as a suppressor to prevent giving away your location.

Check out COD Tracker's database for comprehensive stats on different muzzles available for MW2 weapons, including the EBR-14.

Secondary Weapon Recommendation For Close Quarters Combat (CQC)

The EBR-14 is a beast at long-range combat in Modern Warfare 2, but it's not exactly a CQC superstar. For close-quarters combat, you need a weapon that can keep you safe while packing a punch.

X13 Auto Sidearm Advantages

Enter the X13 Auto, your trusty sidekick for CQC. This little gun is fast, furious, and ready to save your bacon when things get too close for comfort.

Here's why the X13 Auto is the way to go:

  • Rapid Fire Rate: Spray and pray? More like spray and slay. The X13 Auto lets you unleash a storm of bullets, giving those rushing enemies a run for their money.
  • Mobility: Who needs a clunky launcher when you can zip around with a sleek sidearm? The X13 Auto keeps you nimble and quick on your feet, perfect for those intense CQC situations.
  • Versatility: Attachments galore. Customize your X13 Auto to fit your playstyle. Need more ammo? Slap on some extended mags. Want better accuracy? Laser sights got your back. The possibilities are endless.

Remember, swapping to your pistol is faster than reloading. With the X13 Auto by your side, you'll always be ready to dish out some serious damage.

Your secondary weapon should complement your primary loadout and adapt to any situation. When paired with an optimized EBR-14 setup, the X13 Auto is the perfect sidekick, giving you the versatility you need without sacrificing firepower. 

Recommended Perks For The Best MW2 EBR-14 Class Setup

The right perks can boost your battlefield performance when paired with an optimized loadout. Let's dive into why Scavenger, Battle Hardened, Ghost, and Spotter are the go-to perks and how they can give you the upper hand.

The Advantage of Scavenger Perk

Running out of ammo mid-fight is a gamer's worst nightmare. But fear not. The Scavenger perk lets you replenish ammo from fallen foes, ensuring you're always locked and loaded. Say goodbye to dry spells with this perk and your trusty EBR-14.

Benefits Provided by Battle Hardened Perk

In MW2, tactical equipment like flashbangs can leave you disoriented and vulnerable. That's where the Battle Hardened perk comes in. It reduces the impact of these tactics, giving you the upper hand against opponents who rely on them. No more stumbling around like a confused chicken.

Ghost Perk Utility

If staying off enemy radars is your jam, then the Ghost perk is a must-have. It makes you invisible to UAVs, those pesky eyes in the sky that enemies use to track you down. Sneak around the map like a stealthy ninja without alerting your foes.


  • You become visible if firing unsuppressed weapons while Ghost is active, so choose attachments wisely.
  • To remain hidden even when taking out foes, use a suppressed secondary weapon like the X13 Auto we discussed earlier.

Relevance Of Spotter Perk

Last but not least, we have the Spotter perk. It's a game-changer. This perk highlights enemy equipment through walls, helping you avoid traps or turn the tables by using them against your unsuspecting adversaries. Hack claymores, C4, and proximity mines like a pro and increase your chances of survival in those intense matches where every second counts.

Equipment Choices To Complement Your MW2 EBR-14 Loadout

The right equipment can make a world of difference in your survival chances on the battlefield. A well-chosen loadout for the Modern Warfare 2 EBR-14 should include both lethal and tactical options, as well as field upgrades that complement the rifle's capabilities.

Lethal Options: Drill Charges Or Semtex

Your choice of lethal equipment depends on your playstyle. If you're feeling explosive, go for Drill Charges. They're perfect for blowing up rooms or enemies hiding behind cover.

If you prefer to keep your distance and make things go boom, Semtex is the way to go. Stick it to any surface and watch it detonate - great for snipers or groups of enemies.

Tactical Options: Stun Grenades

When it comes to tacticals, Stun Grenades are stun-ningly effective with the EBR-14. Disorient your opponents and take your time lining up those shots with your marksman rifle.

Ideal Field Upgrades: Trophy System Or Portable Radar

A good field upgrade can give you the edge in battle. Consider equipping either the Trophy System or the Portable Radar:

  • Trophy System: Intercept enemy projectiles and protect your position. Perfect for defending against grenades and rockets. 
  • Portable Radar: Keep an eye on enemy movement nearby. Great for playing defensively and picking off foes from a distance with the EBR-14's long-range capabilities.

Choose carefully when it comes to your equipment; these are not just accessories, but rather a key component of your complete strategy. Choose wisely based on the map layout, your team composition, and the tactics your opponents employ.

In essence, having suitable gear alongside an optimized MW2 EBR-14 loadout significantly increases your odds of victory. Adapt to the circumstances and always stay one step ahead of the game.


Looking for a versatile and powerful loadout in Modern Warfare 2? The EBR-14 has got you covered!

With the right attachments and perks, this semi-automatic rifle will optimize your gameplay experience.

Choose an optic for a clear view, grip improvements for flinch resistance, stock enhancements for increased mobility, and barrel upgrades for improved bullet velocity and recoil control.

Don't forget a secondary weapon like the X13 Auto sidearm for those up-close and personal moments.

Boost your performance on the battlefield with perks like Scavenger, Battle Hardened, Ghost, and Spotter.

And let's not forget about lethal options like Drill Charges or Semtex grenades, along with tactical options like Stun Grenades.

Get ready to dominate with this killer loadout!