Best MCPR 300 Loadout for Multiplayer and Warzone 2


When it comes to optimizing your MCPR 300 Loadout, there's a lot more strategy involved than you might initially think. This blog post aims to provide in-depth insights into the best attachments, positioning tactics, and class setup options that can help maximize your MCPR-300’s potential.

We'll delve into specific details about optimal attachments like the Cronen Cheetah Grip and FSS Ole-V Laser for better control and precision. Furthermore, we will discuss how improving ADS speed and sprint-to-fire speed can significantly enhance your sniper rifle loadout with the MCPR-300.

In addition to primary weapon considerations, we also touch on tactical measures such as choosing effective vantage points and using claymores or proximity mines effectively. The importance of secondary weapons within your class setup is another critical aspect that this post explores along with an analysis of regular secondaries versus looted ones in Warzone.

To round off our comprehensive guide on creating the ultimate meta mcpr-300 loadout, we will look at field upgrades' significance within a class setup. So stay tuned for some valuable tips that could elevate your game to new heights!

Warzone MCPR-300 Loadout: Best Attachments

If you're a sniping enthusiast in Al Mazrah, the Warzone MCPR-300 loadout can help you dominate the map. This sniper rifle's versatility allows for quick-scoping or deadly long-range shots, depending on your attachment combinations. Let's dive into the top attachments that boost fire rate, range, accuracy, and handling.

Cronen Cheetah Grip

The Cronen Cheetah Grip is a must-have for any sniper setup. It keeps your aim steady and stable, making those rapid follow-up shots a breeze. Say goodbye to weapon sway while on the move.

FSS Ole-V Laser

The FSS Ole-V Laser is a game-changer for your MCPR-300 loadout. It improves hip-fire accuracy and sprint-to-fire speed, perfect for close-quarters combat or quick reactions. Don't miss a shot when it matters most.

17.5" Barrel

Boost your MCPR-300's long-range capabilities with the 17.5" barrel attachment. It increases muzzle velocity, making your bullets travel faster. Sure, it may slightly slow down ADS speed, but with the right positioning, it won't even matter. 

Building Your Sniper Rifle With MCPR-300

In the fast-paced world of Warzone, a killer sniper rifle can be a game-changer. The MCPR-300 is one such weapon that, when built right, can turn you into a deadly marksman. Let's dive into how to optimize this firearm for maximum efficiency.

Importance of Sprint-to-Fire Speed

Sprint-to-fire speed is crucial in Warzone. The MCPR-300 with the Cronen Cheetah Grip attachment gives you the edge by firing faster after sprinting. No time wasted, just boom.

Advantages of Improved ADS Speed

A faster Aim Down Sights (ADS) speed means you can lock onto targets quicker. With the FSS Ole-V Laser attachment, your MCPR-300 becomes a headshot machine. Pew pew.

Finding Balance: 17.5" Barrel And Improved Bolt

  • 17.5" Barrel: Stability without sacrificing mobility. Perfect for those intense moments where precision matters most.
  • Improved Bolt: Rapid follow-up shots for when one shot just isn't enough. Bam bam.

Tips For Optimizing Your Loadout

  1. Prioritize attachments that improve handling. Keep those shots steady under pressure.
  2. Balance firepower with maneuverability. Don't be a slowpoke, but still pack a punch.
  3. Practice makes perfect. Experiment with different attachments until you find your sweet spot. You got this.

In essence, building an effective loadout involves understanding each component's role and how they work together. So grab your gear, hop into Warzone, and start experimenting today.

Positioning and Equipment for Epic Sniping

When it comes to Warzone, having a beastly weapon like the MCPR-300 is only half the battle. The other half is all about finding the perfect spot and using equipment like a pro.

Choosing the Ultimate Vantage Point

Successful sniping requires a high ground that gives you a clear view of enemies and some cover for protection. Think multi-level buildings, cliffs, or hills. But don't be too predictable, or you'll be an easy target for sharpshooters who know all the popular spots.

Also, consider being close to loot locations and buy stations. It's like having a snack bar nearby, so you can resupply without wandering too far from safety. Check out this interactive map of Al Mazrah for reference.

Blowing Up Bad Guys with Style

Defending your spot against rushing enemies is a must. That's where Claymores and Proximity Mines come in handy.

  • Claymore: These mines go boom when an enemy gets too close from the front or side. Ka-pow.
  • Proximity Mine: Similar to Claymores, but they explode based on proximity, no matter which way the enemy is coming from. Perfect for covering entrances and exits.

To make these babies count, place them at potential entry points like staircases or doorways. Just don't put them too close together, or one explosive attack will ruin the party. Check out our guide for mastering these explosive gadgets in-game situations.

Secondary Weapon Choices in Your Class Setup

In the thrilling world of Warzone, your primary weapon is a big deal. But don't forget about your trusty sidekick, your secondary weapon. It can save your bacon in those intense close-quarters battles.

Regular Secondaries vs. Looted Ones

When choosing your secondary weapon, think about how it complements your primary. If you're sniping with the MCPR-300, grab an automatic assault rifle (AR) or submachine gun (SMG) for those surprise close encounters. You can find these weapons from eliminated players or buy them from boxes scattered around Al Mazrah.

Looted weapons might not have the perfect attachments for your playstyle, but they offer immediate firepower. Secondaries can provide the opportunity to tailor your loadout to suit your preferences.

The Perks of Overkill

If customization is your jam, consider the Overkill perk package. With Overkill, you can carry two primary weapons instead of one primary and one secondary.

So, along with sniping fools with the MCPR-300, you can also wield an M4A1 or MP5(Lachmann Sub) for some up-close and personal action. It's like having a Swiss Army knife of guns. Just remember, you'll have to sacrifice a perk slot for this luxury, so weigh the pros and cons before making your decision.

Tactical Measures and Field Upgrades in Class Setup

Surviving in Warzone requires more than just a powerful weapon like the MCPR-300. You also need to master the art of using tactical measures and field upgrades to outsmart your opponents.

The Power of Tactical Measures

Stuns, flashes, and smokes are your secret weapons for survival. Stun grenades disorient enemies, giving you the upper hand. Flashbangs blind your foes, leaving them vulnerable. And smoke grenades create a cloud of confusion, perfect for making a quick escape or reviving teammates under fire.

Upgrade Your Defense with Field Upgrades

Field upgrades are essential for defending your position. The Ammo Box is a must-have, allowing you to resupply ammo without relying on a Buy Station. And Suppression Mines are your silent guardians, alerting you to approaching enemies with loud noises.

  • Ammo Box: Keep your ammo stocked and your enemies shocked.
  • Suppression Mines: Give your enemies a noisy surprise while you snipe with the MCPR-300.

Knowing when and how to use these upgrades is key. Place suppression mines near entrances to deter rushers, or use smoke grenades to conceal your movements on open ground. Adapt and conquer.

Remember, victory depends on the execution of abilities and wise choices regardless of your equipment. So keep practicing those headshots with the MCPR-300 and dominate the battlefield. Happy gaming.


Looking to dominate in Warzone as a sniper? The MCPR 300 Loadout is your ticket to success!

With attachments like the Cronen Cheetah Grip, FSS Ole-V Laser, and 17.5" Barrel, you'll be hitting those long-range shots with pinpoint accuracy.

But it's not just about the attachments. Positioning yourself strategically and setting up claymores or proximity mines can make life difficult for your enemies.

And don't forget about your secondary weapon! Having a backup plan and using tactical measures and field upgrades can give you the upper hand in any firefight.

So, get your MCPR 300 Loadout ready, aim true, and show those enemies who's boss in Warzone!