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FIFA 22 New Features

This year EA Sports is making significant changes to gameplay through the use of the new Hypermotion technology which promises to elevate the gameplay experience to a higher level of football realism that is truly powered by the beautiful game itself. But does FIFA 22's Hypermotion deliver on its grand promise of an enhanced gameplay experience? 

Hypermotion: which is only available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X version of the game is a brand new motion capture technology that helps to make FIFA 22 more responsive and fluid by adding more than 4000 new animations harvested from professional players playing in high tech Xsens suits. You can expect to feel the more human-like movement and responsive players the moment you kick off your first game of FIFA 22 on the next-generation consoles. Things like a striker's momentum off the ball as he pings a shot into the top bins will feel even more satisfying on this year's installment of FIFA. 

FIFA 22 Launch Trailer

EA SPORTS FIFA introduces HyperMotion technology, a new gameplay technology that delivers the next generation of digital football. The game will feel fundamentally different every time you play. It’s undeniable innovation that will affect every player in the game.

Hypermotion technology is going to take FIFA 22 to the next level by bringing: improved AI, new animations, better graphics, improved online gameplay experience, and much more! for a full in-depth look at all the new features in FIFA 22 check out our in-depth comparison FIFA 21 vs FIFA 22


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Will I need to pay any fees to enter the tournaments?

Our tournaments are completely free to play and thousands of players are already earning money every week just by playing online tournaments and leagues on GameChampions


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Yes! thousands of players are playing FIFA 22 on GameChampions and earning real money and cool prizes every week just by participating in our free FIFA 22 tournaments. Don't wait any longer and join the biggest online FIFA 22 community of gamers.


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FIFA Tournaments on GameChampions are played in a weekly league format where players can earn points by playing matches against other players. The top 10 players every week walk away with cash prizes and other cool prizes like controllers and gift cards. 


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it's possible to earn money playing FIFA 22 online against other players. 100 000 Champions are already doing it on our esports platform which makes it possible to get paid playing FIFA. 


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