What if my opponent is using a Custom Squad?

If you find that your opponent is using a custom or edited squad, you should quit the game immediately and ask him to change the parameters of the match to online squads. If your opponent explicitly refuses to change the settings to online squads then you should report it to the Game Champions moderators and we will forfeit him from the match. To dispute a loss, for this reason, make sure to have written evidence of the conversation between you and your opponent in which you asked to change the setting and he refused. Additionally, you should have in-game video or photographic evidence of your opponent using or inviting you in the custom squad setting in FIFA. Provided that the evidence you sent us is convincing and deemed legitimate, your opponent will automatically be given a loss and forfeited from the challenge. To know if your opponent is using a custom squad choose the team he/she has selected and compared the stats. If there is any difference between the two teams, it means your opponent is using a custom squad. Another way to know if your opponent is using custom squads is to look out for the 'form' arrows in the team selection menus. If you see little green and red arrows (green signifies good form while red indicated poor form) that means you are playing with online squads and that your opponent is not cheating. On the flip side, the absence of these arrows implies that your opponent is not playing with online squads and is, in fact, cheating.

What happens if there's a lot of lag while I'm playing?

Past the 15-minute mark in-game, moderators will not take any complaints about lag or game settings into consideration. For this reason, to dispute a match, make sure to have video evidence that proves the presence of significant lag, and that proves you quit the game before 15 FIFA minutes had gone by. 

What if my opponent plays with a different team than the one he was assigned in Champions Draft?

If this occurs and a dispute is created, the match will result in a draw with all the corresponding consequences, regardless of pre-match agreements or anything of the sort. In Champions Draft, you have to play with the assigned teams; that is the most important rule.