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What happens if I lose connection midway through a match?

The player at fault for the disconnect will have to prove that the disruption occurred due to a poor internet connection or an unpredictable in-game error. If the evidence you provide is deemed legitimate by our moderators, they will cancel the match, and both players will be refunded. If not, the player who lost connection will be considered to have quit the match and, therefore, forfeited the challenge.

What happens if my opponent isn't showing up to our challenge?

Here are the steps you should take to deal with no-shows on our site:

If your opponent doesn't show up or doesn't respond to your match invites, you should wait an hour and then report a 3-0 score for yourself. From there, he will have 24 hours to contact you and play the match. Once the game has been played, you or your opponent must send us photo evidence of the final result, and we will then manually resolve the dispute.

If your opponent still refuses to answer, our system will uphold the 3-0 scoreline, and he will be forfeited from the challenge. However, if he contacts you, asking to play, you are obligated to do so. If you choose not to play him or if you prematurely report a 3-0 forfeit, then your opponent can and should report 3-0 for himself, in which case the match will end in a draw with all the corresponding consequences.

What if my opponent isn't reporting the score?

Our system takes care of these issues automatically. After 24 hours, if only one person has reported a score, that result will stand regardless of any further complaints or disputes. If both players report different scores, then a dispute will be created, and both players will be required to send evidence to our match moderators at help@gamechampions.com. If neither player reports a score within 24 hours of when the match was started, the system will give a draw to both players with all the corresponding consequences.

What if my opponent invites me with a different Gamertag than the one registered on Game Champions?
In this situation, you should not accept the invite and refuse to play the match. From there, report it to our moderators, and we will take care of the issue. If for whatever reason, you choose to play, then you must do so at your own risk. Our admins will not consider any complaint or dispute regarding this match, and the final match result will stand regardless of any further infringement in the rules.