Tournaments FAQ



For how long do the tournaments run?

Our Free FIFA 21 Tournaments run for exactly 21 days (3 weeks). 

How do I earn points in the tournament?

There are two different ways to earn points in our Free FIFA Tournaments. The first and most straightforward way to gain points is to play free matches. Every player gets to play 5 free matches per day. Once those 5 daily matches have been played you will have to wait till the next day for your free match counter to reset. In the meantime, you can play regular 1vs1 paid matches which will also contribute to your points tally on the tournament leaderboard. To earn points from paid matches you have to play for a bet amount of at least 5 Euros, anything lower than that will not result in any additional points.

When do Free Matches Matches Reset? 

The free daily match counter resets at the end of the day/beginning of the next at around 9AM. Regardless of if you play all of your 5 matches the counter will reset at the end of the day. Once the counter is reset you can then start playing and completing your 5 free daily matches all over again. 

How do Weekly Payouts Work?

We do Weekly Payouts to keep players enticed and captivated throughout the entire tournament experience. Every week on Monday, the top 15 players receive some allocation of the final prize. The implementation of weekly payouts does not mean that the point tally resets every week. Points are accumulated until the last day of the tournament when we hand out the grand final cash prize.

Do Free Matches Affect Star Level?

No. Playing free matches will neither increase nor decrease your Star Rating on our site. 

Why am I not Getting Points for Some Paid Matches?

As mentioned above you only get points for paid matches that are played for bet amounts of at least 5 Euros, anything less than that will not result in any additional points.

What do I do if my Opponent Doesn't Show up for a Free Match?

You should wait at least 1 hour and if your opponent doesn't show up or contact you then you can report a 3-0 forfeit win for yourself. From there, your opponent will have one more hour to contact you and play the match or be forfeited from the challenge. 

Where can I Find the Leaderboard?

The leaderboard can be found on the 'Tournament' tab, simply scroll down past the 'How it Works' section and you will see the entire tournament leaderboard as well as your position on it.