How to Play

GameChampions is the largest online community of players who want to play for real money on FIFA and other console sports videogames. 

GameChampions provides you with a platform to connect with opponents and challenge them to a match. 

On GameChampions we are the players. That's why you choose everything! your game, your platform, how much you want to play for and when you want to play. There are no obligations! You can even get started without risking any money by competing in our free weekly tournaments with epic cash prizes. 


Join the Community:

Becoming a member is very simple! All you have to do is click here and fill in the required fields to get started 


How to Play:

Once you have created an account you will need to connect your Playstation or Xbox account to GameChampions. To do this, simply head over to My Account and fill in your PSN username and/or Xbox username. You are now ready to begin playing on GameChampions. 

There are two ways to Find a Match on GameChampions:


Start a Match:

You must indicate the game of your choice (for example FIFA 21, FIFA 20, FIFA 19, NBA 2K, etc) as well as your bet amount. 

Once your match is created, you have to wait for an opponent to accept your match. In this case, you will receive an email alert from GameChampions with instructions allowing you to start your game. Your opponent will not obtain your contact details in any case, your personal data will be protected.


Join a Match:

You can also join a match created by another player from the Join a Match page. The bet amount and match settings are fixed by the player who created the match. Once you have found a match that is right for you simply click 'Play Now' and enter the lobby where you can see all the details of the match: Your Opponents PSN/XBOX username, the Match settings, etc.



When you confirm a game request created by you or by another player, you must make yourself available for the next 30 minutes! If this is not the case, your opponent can win the game following a non-connection, an abandonment before, during, or before the end of the match. If you cannot play the match due to extreme circumstances contact the admin directly by email at


End of the Match:

At the end of each match, from the lobby, the two opponents will have the obligation for the following one hour maximum, to indicate the final score. 

This step is mandatory for our team to validate the game.

If one of the two opponents does not indicate a final score and/or does not send a photo after one hour, only the one who sent them will be taken into account, his information will prevail.



If the reported results are different you will need to send a photo with clearly visible nicknames and score to our admin team at They will verify the photo and validate the score so that the true winner gets the money.



The withdrawal process is very simple, you just need to enter your Bank/PayPal details in your Game Champions profile and submit a request for the amount you want to withdraw by using the withdrawal button in the main menu. Bank charges for withdraws depends on your preferred withdrawal method (PayPal or Bank transfer) as well as the destination country (within EU countries and UK is 1 Euro flat fee per transaction).

Standard withdrawals take 3-5 business days for the money to arrive on your account.