COD MW3 Gear: CCT Comms Vest

cod mw3 cct comms vest

As you navigate the battlefield in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the importance of tactical gear cannot be overstated. One piece that deserves your attention is the CCT Comms Vest, an invaluable Team Intelligence Resource. 

The CCT Comms Vest extends the duration that enemies remain on your radar and provides a wider radar view for you and your nearby allies. This extended view can mean the difference between a successful mission and a sudden ambush. The more informed you are about the enemy's location, the more strategic choices you can make. 

Bear in mind, enemies you kill while wearing the CCT Comms Vest drop Intel Packs. These are not to be overlooked as they generate a radar ping when collected, further enhancing your battlefield awareness.

It's important to note that duplicate effects cannot stack. If you're also wearing the Data Jacker gear, you'll gain the perk from the Mission Control Commlink gear instead.

Remember, in the heat of battle, information is as powerful as ammunition. With the CCT Comms Vest, you are not only armed but also intelligently equipped to lead your team to victory.