COD MW3 Gear: Ordnance Gloves

ordnance gloves cod mw3

When it comes to enhancing your in-game strategy, Ordnance Gloves are a game-changer. These unique accessories offer an extraordinary set of capabilities that could mean the difference between victory and defeat on the battlefield. 

  • Firstly, ordnance gloves enable you to throw equipment--from explosive grenades to support packages--with significantly greater distance. This allows you to reach enemies or teammates that would otherwise be out of range.
  • A second and perhaps even more critical feature is the ability to reset the fuse timer on throwback grenades. When an enemy tosses a grenade your way, you can pick it up, reset the timer and hurl it right back at them, turning their attack into your advantage.

In conclusion, whether you're an aggressive front-line fighter or a strategic tactician, harnessing the capabilities of ordnance gloves can provide a distinct advantage. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.