COD MW3 Gear: Stalker Boots

cod mw3 stalker boots 2024

Do you find yourself often in the heat of gunfights in Modern Warfare 3? Navigate your way through every fight with the Stalker Boots, providing enhanced strafe and aim down sight (ADS) mobility.ย 

Increased Strafe Movement Speed: With Stalker Boots, your strafing speed magnifies, allowing you to sidestep opponent fire with finesse.

Enhanced ADS Movement Speed: Amplified ADS movement speed aids in avoiding incoming shots while aligning your own, offering a unique advantage in the battle zone.

Taking on an aggressive approach in MW3, the Stalker Boots are your ideal companion. Why, you ask? It makes you aย faster target, providing an edge in your encounters. Increase your gameplay's intensity and turn the scales in your favor with Stalker Boots, perfect for players eager for intense gunfight engagements.ย