The BAS-B Battle Rifle: Shaping the Future in Call of Duty: MW3

cod mw3 BAS-B battle rifle

The BAS-B is a Battle Rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

What makes the BAS-B truly remarkable is its real-world inspiration, the SIG MCX Spear. Chambered in the potent 6.8x51mm ammunition, the SIG MCX Spear has claimed a significant role in shaping the future of the US Army's small arms program. It's poised to replace the trusted M4 on the battlefield, offering a remarkable balance between stopping power and manageable recoil.

In the beta version of the game, players are granted a glimpse of the BAS-B's potential. However, it is expected that the full release will provide a host of customization options, ensuring that players can fine-tune the weapon to their preferred playstyle. Discover the Best Loadout for the BAS-B and how to best equip yourself for success!

Versatility is a key attribute of the BAS-B, making it well-suited for various combat scenarios, from close-quarters skirmishes to longer-range engagements. Its real-life counterpart, the SIG MCX Spear, is designed with modern materials and ergonomic features, creating a futuristic yet practical choice for players seeking an edge in virtual battles.

How to Unlock the BAS-B in MW3:

Reach level 17 with your account.

BAS-B Stats

Main Stats

  • Time to Kill: 315ms
  • ADS Speed: 260ms
  • Bullet Velocity: 790m/s
  • Fire Rate: 666.7
  • Sprint to Fire Speed: 213ms


  • Headshot: 54
  • Upper Torso: 46
  • Lower Torso: 46
  • Flinch: 0.7
  • Average Damage: 47.6
  • Shot to Kill: 4


  • Effective Range: 35.6m
  • Minimum Range: 53.3m

Hip Fire

  • Minimum Spread: 2.3
  • Maximum Spread: 8.5
  • Flinch Resistance: 0.2
  • Tac Stance Spread: 3.1


  • Movement Speed: 4.6m/s
  • Crouch Speed: 2.3m/s
  • Sprint Speed: 5.5m/s
  • Tactical Sprint Speed: 6.9m/s
  • ADS Movement Speed: 2.9m/s
  • Reload Speed: 3.2s
  • Swap Speed: 1530s

Unlockable Attachments

Level Attachment
2 Bruen Venom Long (Barrel)
3 Ravage-CS (Stock)
4 30 Round Mag (Magazine)
5 TX4 Havoc (Optic)
7 Ravage-20 Heavy (Stock)
8 Short 8" Bruen SZ-45 (Barrel)
11 EX-01 Match Compensator (Muzzle)
13 Bruen Laur4 Light Precision (Stock)
14 Wyvern's Respite Long (Barrel)
15 Stockless Mod (Stock)
16 .277 Low Grain (Ammunition)
17 .277 High Grain (Ammunition)
18 VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor (Muzzle)
19 45 Round Mag (Magazine)
20 Crippling Malice Light (Barrel)
21 Bruen Flash V8 Light (Stock)
22 Tourney Tac Grip (Rear Grip)
23 .277 Round Nose (Ammunition)
24 Shadowstrike Suppressor (Muzzle)
25 Bruen GR-500 (Rear Grip)
26 .277 Mono (Ammunition)
27 Light 9" Bruen Wyvern Short (Barrel)
28 Bruen Minuteman (Stock)
29 SL Truesight 2.5x (Optic)

Camo Challenges for the BAS-B


Camo Challenge
SUNSET BLUR Achieve 50 Kills
PHANTOM GLITCH Obtain 50 Kills While Fully Auto
ORANGE SANDS Attain 10 Kills While Using a Magnification Scope Attachment
WHITE SATIN Achieve 15 Headshot Kills
GILDED Accomplish 3 Operator Kills With 1 Magazine, 10 Times
FORGED Reach 10 Multikills
PRICELESS Achieve 25 Suppressed Clean Kills


Camo Challenge
FOREST SANDS Secure 250 Kills With Frost Damage
BLACK SATIN Get 20 Consecutive Kills 10 Times Without Taking Damage
REALITY BLUR Achieve 250 Kills
SPIRIT GLITCH Obtain 250 Kills In The Medium Or High Threat Zone
GOLDEN ENIGMA Get 100 kills and successfully extract in a single deployment
ZIRCON SCALE Attain 300 kills while it's pack-a-punched
SERPENTINITE Obtain 10 special or elite zombie kills