The COR-45 Handgun: .45 ACP Firepower in MW3

COR 45 Pistol COD Modern Warfare III

The COR-45 is a Handgun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The design of the COR-45 is grounded in its real-world inspiration, the Glock 21C, a classic and dependable handgun known for its rugged design and reliability. What sets the COR-45 apart is its chambering in .45 ACP, a cartridge that brings substantial stopping power to the sidearm category.

Players are provided with only a glimpse of its potential attachments, but the real-life Glock's reputation for modularity and customization hints at a wealth of options for players. This allows players to tailor the COR-45 to their preferred playstyle and in-game scenarios. Discover the Best Loadout for the COR-45 and how to best equip yourself for success!

The .45 ACP cartridge ensures that the COR-45's shots pack a serious punch, making it a solid choice for players who prioritize stopping power and accuracy in their secondary weapon. Whether in close-quarters encounters or as a trusty backup, the COR-45 promises to deliver in any combat scenario.

How to Unlock the COR-45 in MW3:

Reach level 4 with your account.

COR-45 Stats

Main Stats

  • Time to Kill: 315ms
  • ADS Speed: 150ms
  • Bullet Velocity: 375m/s
  • Fire Rate: 400
  • Sprint to Fire Speed: 88ms


  • Headshot: 66
  • Upper Torso: 66
  • Lower Torso: 60
  • Flinch: 1
  • Average Damage: 64.2
  • Shot to Kill: 3


  • Effective Range: 5.8m
  • Minimum Range: 30.5m

Hip Fire

  • Minimum Spread: 1.5
  • Maximum Spread: 5
  • Flinch Resistance: 0.2


  • Movement Speed: 5.2m/s
  • Crouch Speed: 2.4m/s
  • Sprint Speed: 5.9m/s
  • Tactical Sprint Speed: 7.3m/s
  • ADS Movement Speed: 3.8m/s
  • Reload Speed: 2.1s
  • Swap Speed: 1100s

Unlockable Attachments

Level Attachment
2 18 Round Mag
3 SZ Mini
4 XRK V6 Match
5 Tactical Grip Cover
6 XRK Swiftshot Light
7 XRK Tactical Stock
8 Pro Sapphire Mounted
9 XRK V21 Heavy
10 Sonic Suppressor XS
11 .45 Auto Frangible
12 XRK TR9
13 30 Round Mag
14 Stippled Grip Cover
15 HMRES MOD Suppressor XS
16 XRK Pyre-9 Heavy Long
17 Colossus Suppressor XS
18 XRK Lightning Fire
19 Granular Grip
20 40 Round Drum
21 Akimbo COR-45

Camo Challenges for the COR-45


Camo Challenge
ALERT GLITCH Get 50 Kills While Aiming Down Sights
ACID DRIP Get 10 Kills While Moving
RED ADMIRAL Get 15 Kills With The Akimbo Attachment Equipped
GILDED Get 10 Kills Without The Enemy Damaging You
FORGED Get 15 Kills On Injured Enemies
PRICELESS Get 10 Headshot Kills


Camo Challenge
OBSESSION Get 250 Kills
HAUNTED Get 250 Kills While Having At Least 4 Perks
GRIEF MANIFEST Get 250 Kills With Full Attachments
HALLUCINATE GLITCH Get 250 Kills With Fire Damage
GOLDEN ENIGMA Get 100 kills and successfully extract in a single deployment
ZIRCON SCALE Get 300 kills while it's pack-a-punched
SERPENTINITE Get 10 special or elite zombie kills