Unleash the WSP Stinger: MW3's Compact Powerhouse

WSP Stinger Modern Warfare III

The WSP Stinger is a Handgun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. 

The design of the WSP Stinger is grounded in its real-world inspiration, the IMI Micro Uzi, a compact and iconic SMG known for its high rate of fire and agility. What sets the WSP Stinger apart is its adaptation as a handgun, providing players with a fast-paced and aggressive choice for close-quarters combat.

Players are provided with various attachment options for the WSP Stinger, including suppressors and the exciting possibility of dual-wielding. This makes it an excellent option for players who thrive on fast-paced and aggressive gameplay, where agility and rapid fire are key assets. Discover the Best Loadout for the WSP Stinger and how to best equip yourself for success!

The compact design and agility of the WSP Stinger ensure it excels in tight spaces, making it a valuable asset for those who prefer run-and-gun tactics. This sidearm is a perfect choice for players who thrive in close-quarters combat scenarios, where speed and firepower are essential.

How to Unlock the WSP Stinger in MW3:

Reach level 25 in the Armory by completing Daily Challenges.

WSP Stinger Stats

Main Stats

  • Time to Kill: 386ms
  • ADS Speed: 170ms
  • Bullet Velocity: 250m/s
  • Fire Rate: 1000
  • Sprint to Fire Speed: 32ms


  • Headshot: 26
  • Upper Torso: 24
  • Lower Torso: 24
  • Flinch: 1
  • Average Damage: 24.4
  • Shot to Kill: 7


  • Effective Range: 6.4m
  • Minimum Range: 20.1m

Hip Fire

  • Minimum Spread: 2
  • Maximum Spread: 4.8
  • Flinch Resistance: 0.2


  • Movement Speed: 5.4m/s
  • Crouch Speed: 2.5m/s
  • Sprint Speed: 6.2m/s
  • Tactical Sprint Speed: 7.4m/s
  • ADS Movement Speed: 3.9m/s
  • Reload Speed: 2s
  • Swap Speed: 1100s

Unlockable Attachments

Level Attachment
2 WSP Factory (Stock)
3 9MM Hardened Rounds (Ammunition)
4 WSP TAC-20 Grip (Rear Grip)
5 Noxious Short Compensated (Barrel)
6 Colossus Suppressor (Muzzle)
7 OP-X9 Foregrip (Underbarrel)
8 Marauder Grip (Rear Grip)
9 WSP Rampart-IV (Stock)
10 Stinger 25 Round Mag (Magazine)
11 WSP Hark Rubber Grip (Rear Grip)
12 Pestilence-12 Short Compensated (Barrel)
13 VP27 Mini Brake XS (Muzzle)
14 Akimbo WSP Stinger (Rear Grip)
15 32 Round Mag (Magazine)

Camo Challenges for the WSP Stinger


Camo Challenge
GREEN SANDS Get 50 Kills
ARCTIC FILAMENTS Get 50 Kills While Aiming Down Sights
GEOFUNK Get 10 Kills While Moving
MIND TEST Get 15 Kills With The Akimbo Attachment Equipped
GILDED Get 10 Kills Without The Enemy Damaging You
FORGED Get 25 Hip Fire Kills While Strafing
PRICELESS Kill 25 Enemies Affected By Your Tactical Using The Akimbo Attachment


Camo Challenge
DEAD SANDS Get 250 Kills
LOST TRANSMISSION Get 250 Hip Fire Kills
APOCALYPTIC Get 250 Kills With Full Attachments
MOSS FILAMENTS Get 250 Kills With Electric Damage
GOLDEN ENIGMA Get 100 kills and successfully extract in a single deployment
ZIRCON SCALE Get 300 kills while it's pack-a-punched
SERPENTINITE Get 10 special or elite zombie kills