The WSP Swarm SMG: For Close-Quarters Combat


The WSP Swarm is anย SMG in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The foundation of the WSP Swarm is grounded in its real-world inspiration, the IWI Uzi Pro. Known for its iconic design and high rate of fire, the "Micro Uzi" is a perfect choice for players who thrive in close-quarters combat. Its compact design and agility ensure it excels in tight spaces, making it a valuable asset for those who prefer a run-and-gun playstyle.

Players are provided with an array of attachment options, including suppressors and the possibility of dual-wielding. This adaptability is key for players who value customization and versatility in their loadouts, allowing them to fine-tune the Micro Uzi's performance to their preferred playstyle and in-game scenarios.

The Micro Uzi is the perfect option for players who appreciate fast-paced, aggressive gameplay and rely on speed and precision to outmaneuver their opponents in the heat of battle.

How to Unlock the WSP Swarm in MW3:

Reach level 27 with your account.

WSP Swarm Stats

Main Stats

  • Time to Kill: 230ms
  • ADS Speed: 190ms
  • Bullet Velocity: 450m/s
  • Fire Rate: 1090.9
  • Sprint to Fire Speed: 110ms


  • Headshot: 33
  • Upper Torso: 30
  • Lower Torso: 30
  • Flinch: 0.7
  • Average Damage: 30.6
  • Shot to Kill: 5


  • Effective Range: 4.6m
  • Minimum Range: 34.3m

Hip Fire

  • Minimum Spread: 2
  • Maximum Spread: 5.7
  • Flinch Resistance: 0.1
  • Tac Stance Spread: 2.6


  • Movement Speed: 5m/s
  • Crouch Speed: 2.2m/s
  • Sprint Speed: 5.9m/s
  • Tactical Sprint Speed: 7.3m/s
  • ADS Movement Speed: 3.4m/s
  • Reload Speed: 2.7s
  • Swap Speed: 1140s

Unlockable Attachments

Level Attachment
2 WSP ZIP (Barrel)
3 FSS Fortress Heavy (Stock)
4 WSP Hark Rubber Grip (Rear Grip)
5 WSP Venom Grip (Underbarrel)
6 WSP Optac Long (Barrel)
7 20 Round Mag (Magazine)
8 Cronen Mini Pro (Optic)
9 WSP Ruthless-L (Barrel)
10 WSP Factory (Stock)
11 Verdant Hook Cylindrical (Laser)
12 WSP Factory Grip (Rear Grip)
13 25 Round Mag (Magazine)
14 ELR Blackfire Compensator S (Muzzle)
15 WSP Reckless-90 Long (Barrel)
16 9MM Frangible (Ammunition)
17 50 Round Mag (Magazine)
18 Pestilence-12 Short Compensated (Barrel)
19 FSS Rampage-VII Tactical (Stock)
20 Noxious Short Compensated (Barrel)
21 40 Round Mag (Magazine)
22 WSP Infiltrator Integrated Suppressor (Barrel)
23 DR-6 Handstop (Underbarrel)
24 WSP TAC-20 Grip (Rear Grip)
25 No Stock (Stock)
26 Colossus Suppressor (Muzzle)
27 100 Round Drum (Magazine)

Camo Challenges for the WSP Swarm


Camo Challenge
PHANTASMAL Achieve 50 Kills
GRANITE PASS Obtain 25 Hip Fire Kills
RED Attain 10 Kills While Crouching Or Sliding
FRITILLARY Achieve 15 Kills On Operators Affected By Your Tactical
GILDED Get 10 Kills Without The Enemy Damaging You
FORGED Achieve 10 Hip Fire Kills While The Enemy Is Affected By Your Tactical
PRICELESS Achieve 10 Akimbo Double Kills


Camo Challenge
FAMILIAR Achieve 250 Kills
UNMARKED GRAVE Obtain 250 Point Blank Kills
TERRACOTTA Get 5 Mimic Kills
DEATH FORM Achieve 250 Kills In The Medium Or High Threat Zone
GOLDEN ENIGMA Get 100 kills and successfully extract in a single deployment
ZIRCON SCALE Attain 300 kills while it's pack-a-punched
SERPENTINITE Obtain 10 special or elite zombie kills