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Vivid Picks Promo Code for July 2024: How I Find & Use the Most Amazing Vivid Picks Offers

Vivid Picks Promo Code for July 2024: Claim the Best Vivid Picks Fantasy Bonus Offers

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I don’t have a Vivid Picks promo code to share with you at the moment. But here’s the good news: there are some solid deals you can claim without entering any codes.
This includes up to 100 Vivid Bucks as a newbie. You can use these tokens to enter contests and maybe win some real cash prizes. In this guide, I’m going to break down how this bonus works, how you can claim it, and I’ll even throw in some tips to help you really make the most out of it.

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An overview of Vivid Picks promo codes and bonuses

The world of daily fantasy sports is thriving, and new betting sites like SuperDraft daily fantasy are launching regularly. Because of this, the competition is heating up. This has led to better betting options and odds as each site tries to stand out in a crowded market. But what’s really caught my attention is that the quality of bonuses has greatly improved in the last few years. A prime example? The current welcome offer at Vivid Picks.

Sign up for an account, and there’s a sweet deal waiting for you: up to 100 Vivid Bucks. These bucks are special tokens you can claim through the welcome bonus and other Vivid Bucks promo codes. They appear in your account as blue circle tokens with a white ‘B’. While you can’t directly cash out these tokens or trade them for prizes, they’re essentially cash entries into contests that offer real money prizes. It’s no wonder Vivid Picks is gaining a massive following and constantly welcoming new players.

How it works: No Vivid Picks promo code is needed

Claiming the welcome offer is straightforward. You don’t need any Vivid Picks promo codes, and the process is free from complex steps. However, I did notice that it’s a bit different from other deposit offers you might have seen. To make things super easy, I’ve broken down the steps for you.

  • Start by downloading the app. Just like I did on my page about Bet365 fantasy football, you’ll find quick links right here on this page that’ll lead you to the website. From there, hit the download link. It’s a speedy process, usually taking no more than a few minutes.
  • Once the app’s on your device, open it up and create your account. You can sign up with your email or link your Apple or Facebook account. Then, just pick a username and set your password.
  • Now we’ve got the boring stuff out of the way, you can go ahead and claim the bonus. All you need to do is deposit at least $5, then make some real money entries into the contests that catch your eye.
  • For every dollar you bet on contests, you get one Vivid Buck. In total, you can claim up to 100 of these. You can use them to enter any contests you fancy, and whatever you win is all yours to keep. It’s as simple as that.

Top 5 tips on how to make the most of the Vivid Picks promo

With no Vivid Picks promo code required and a low minimum deposit of just $5, claiming this welcome offer is just about as user-friendly as it gets. But if you’re aiming to truly capitalize on this deal, playing smart and strategic is the way to go. This means looking at other fantasy sports formats for inspiration, such as OwnersBox weekly fantasy, and also knowing how to tailor your approach according to the terms and conditions. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Use payout boosts to your advantage

If you’re looking for a savvy way to increase your potential winnings: my advice is to make the most of the payout boosts feature on Vivid Picks. It’s pretty straightforward. Just enter a contest or game with someone you’re following who also follows you back. The key is to have a player in your lineup who’s playing in the same game as a player in your friend’s lineup. Do this, and both of you get a payout boost for your selections. It’s a simple yet effective way to boost the payout potential.

Make the first deposit count

The first deposit bonus packs a punch in terms of value. It’s structured similarly to some other bonuses for existing members, where you also receive one Vivid Buck for each dollar spent on contest entries. However, this welcome offer outshines most of the other existing bonuses and previous Vivid Picks promo codes. As you enjoy the potential to claim up to 100 Vivid Bucks, it’s like getting $100 worth of additional cash entries.

So, if your budget allows and you’re thinking of betting $100 or more, it’s smart to make the most of the first deposit. A $10 deposit will only make you eligible for 10 Vivid Bucks. However, depositing the full $100 upfront maximizes the amount of additional contest entries you can claim. So, be sure to make that first deposit count.

Don't deposit more than necessary

Expanding on the previous tip, it’s important to know when not to over-deposit. Putting in more than $100 won’t get you extra Vivid Bucks. So if you’re considering a deposit larger than $100, a smart move is to initially deposit just $100. Then, you can allocate any extra funds towards other bonuses available.

Many of the other offers also grant you one Vivid Buck for each dollar spent on contest entries. So by strategically spreading your deposits, you can really get the most bang for your buck (pun intended.)

Stay in the loop for additional bonuses

While we’re on the topic of additional bonuses, let’s talk about staying informed after you claim the welcome offer. By creating an account with Vivid Picks, you’re automatically set up to receive their email updates. Now, it’s pretty standard to want to opt out of these notifications to dodge an inbox overload. But here’s the thing: it’s worth staying in the loop.

Why? Because rather than showering you with the usual barrage of useless updates, Vivid Picks tends to send out the good stuff. Sure, you may get some important account updates, but you’ll also get information about new and exclusive Vivid Picks promo codes.

Use your deposit within the time limit

Depositing $100 as your first deposit is a great move, but it only pays off if you actually use it. Let’s say you deposit $100 but only use $20 for contest entries in the first 30 days. In that case, you’ll only get 20 Vivid Bucks, and you’ll lose the chance to get the remaining 80. To avoid missing out, make sure to fully use your deposit amount of up to $100 within the 30-day limit. This way, you won’t leave any additional cash entries for contests on the table.

Additional Vivid Picks promo codes and bonuses

Beyond the first deposit bonus, there’s a wide range of ongoing bonuses waiting for you at Vivid Picks. So you’re considering going above $100 on your first deposit, you might want to pause and rethink. Any amount over that $100 could be more strategically used towards the following bonuses:

Reload bonuses

From time to time, you will be sent Vivid Picks promo codes to your inbox. You will also be sent reload bonuses that come without a code. In my experience, these bonuses usually work similarly to the welcome bonus, offering one Vivid Buck for every dollar you put into contest entries. This is an excellent way to squeeze extra value out of your deposits, so make sure to use them to your advantage as a returning player.

Free Money Mondays

Every Monday is Free Money Monday at Vivid Picks. This weekly event kicks off at the stroke of midnight ET and keeps going until 2:59 AM ET on Tuesday. During this time, you’re in for a bonus similar to the welcome and other reload bonuses: for every dollar you wager on cash entries, you get one Vivid Buck. But, there’s a cap on Free Money Mondays – you can collect a maximum of 10 Vivid Bucks. So, if you deposit and wager $10 on cash entries each Monday, you’re set to receive an extra 10 cash entries in the form of Vivid Bucks.

Whammy Wednesdays

Whammy Wednesday is a weekly bonus that’s perfectly designed for MLB betting enthusiasts. Each Wednesday, you get the chance to receive Vivid Bucks for every home run hit during any MLB game played that day. The great part? You can place your bet on any day and still qualify, as long as the game is on a Wednesday. For every $5 in cash entries, you will get five Vivid Bucks. With a total of 25 Vivid Bucks up for grabs, it’s a fantastic way to get more from your MLB bets every week.

Loyalty rewards at Vivid Picks

While Vivid Picks doesn’t have a loyalty program as such, there are still plenty of rewards for returning players. You can take advantage of all the ongoing bonuses detailed in this guide. Plus, there’s an additional feature: claiming XP. This boosts your ranking on leaderboards and gets you entries into contests with real cash prizes.

How do you get XP at Vivid Picks? It’s all about making accurate predictions in your entries. The more correct predictions you make, the more XP you rack up. For instance, one or two correct predictions will get you 100 and 200 XP, respectively. And if you hit the mark with three, four, or five correct predictions, you’re looking at getting 500, 1000, or 2500 XP. So, while there’s no official loyalty scheme, Vivid Picks has a rewarding system in place that more than makes up for it.

Daily Fantasy Sports Bonus

Claim up to 100 Vivid Bucks as a new member

Haven’t signed up for an account at Vivid Picks yet? Here’s a deal: create a new account and you will be eligible for up to 100 Vivid Bucks on the house. If you read my Vivid Picks review, you’ll know that these aren’t your regular bucks – they’re exclusive tokens you can only use at Vivid Picks.

You can’t cash them out directly, but here’s the cool part – you can join contests with them. These contests could lead you to win some real cash. So, think of it as scoring up to 100 cash entries at no additional cost. That’s quite the warm welcome, right? It’s no surprise that loads of bettors are jumping on board to sign up.

Claim the bonus without a Vivid Picks promo code

Claiming this bonus was super easy, but it does work a bit differently from the usual deposit match bonuses I’ve seen at Bet365 DFS and other DFS betting sites. Here’s the twist: you don’t get the bonus when you first deposit. Instead, you have to first dive into some contests. For every dollar you wager, you get one Vivid Buck. The cool part? You can enter any contest and still qualify for the bucks. Even better, you can use your Vivid Bucks on any contest that grabs your attention. This kind of flexibility? Huge win in my book.

How to withdraw your winnings

Hands down, one of the best parts about this Vivid Picks promo is how easy it is to withdraw winnings from the bonus. There are no wagering requirements on whatever you win from the contest entries, so you can either keep playing and use your winnings for more contests, or just cash out and walk away as a winner. It’s your call.

Watch out for these common mistakes

Some bettors get caught out thinking that since the bonus is triggered with every wager, they can make a bunch of deposits and still qualify. But here’s the catch: the max Vivid Bucks amount you can grab is tied to your first deposit. Looking for the full 100 Vivid Bucks? You’ll need to drop at least $100 on your first deposit, then bet a minimum of 100 in contests to activate the bonus. Deposit just $50 initially? Then you’re only in for a maximum of 50 Vivid Bucks, even if you throw in another $50 right after. Keep this in mind.

My final thoughts: Now is a great time to sign up

Haven’t joined Vivid Picks yet? Now’s the perfect time to jump in. After claiming this bonus myself, I can recommend it to both newbies and seasoned DFS bettors. Why? It’s a breeze to claim, and it opens the door to loads of extra betting and winning opportunities. Sure, you might find 100% deposit match bonuses at other sites, but this one’s got a lot more going for it. You can enter any contest and still qualify, and the cherry on top is that there are no wagering requirements on winnings.

DFS Bonus
Vivid Picks
DFS Bonus
100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
T&Cs apply, 21+

Conclusion: Claim bonuses without a Vivid Picks promo code

There might not be any Vivid Bucks promo codes for me to share with you right now, but let me tell you: the range of bonuses you can claim without a code is seriously impressive. From the 100 Vivid Bucks on your first deposit to the ones up for grabs each week through reload bonuses, Free Money Mondays, and Whammy Wednesdays, the reward game is strong for both newbies and regulars. And if you’re after the latest Vivid Bucks promo codes as and when they’re made available, remember to keep an eye on your inbox and don’t forget to circle back to this page, because I keep it updated with the latest and greatest bonuses to claim.

Vivid Picks promo code FAQ

🤔 Are Vivid Picks bonuses legit?

When exploring different fantasy sports platforms such as Boom Fantasy and Vivid Picks, some common questions include “is Boom Fantasy legit?” and “are Vivid Picks bonuses legit?” The answer to both of these questions is yes. Bonuses at Vivid Picks are simple to claim and have fair terms that give you a good shot at withdrawing winnings.

💫 Is there a loyalty program at Vivid Picks?

Vivid Picks does not have an official loyalty program, but it compensates with a unique reward system. You can get XP by making accurate predictions in your contest entries. The more correct predictions you make, the more XP you accumulate. This XP contributes to your ranking on leaderboards and can lead to entries in contests with real cash prizes.

💰 What is the deposit offer at Vivid Picks?

When you sign up and make your first real money contest entries, you can receive up to 100 Vivid Bucks, which are tokens exclusive to the platform. While you can’t directly withdraw these tokens as cash, they provide you with opportunities to enter contests that offer real cash prizes.

👀 How do I find the latest Vivid Picks promo codes?

To find the latest Vivid Picks promo codes, the best approach is to regularly check my bonus review, and stay subscribed to email updates from the DFS platform. This ensures you don’t miss out on any new and exclusive offers.

🎫 Do I need to enter any Vivid Picks coupons or codes?

No, you don’t need to enter any Vivid Picks coupons or codes to claim the welcome offer. The process is straightforward and hassle-free. Upon signing up and making your first deposit, simply go ahead and enter some contests to automatically qualify for the welcome bonus, which provides you with up to 100 Vivid Bucks.

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