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Funzpoints Casino Review & My Personal Experience 2024: Claim 250 Premium Coins

My Honest Opinion: Is Funzpoints A Legit And Safe Social Casino For US Players?

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Funzpoints Social Casino
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  • Standard and Premium Mode
  • Bonus for completing profile
  • 85+ games
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I love the big and splashy look of the Funzpoints sweepstakes casino homepage. They’re staking a claim to being one of the best sweeps casinos out there, with over 85 games, Funzpoints, jackpot tickets, and more.

We all want a social casino to step up to the plate and hit a home run in the sweepstakes… stakes. It does a great job in the social casino arena too. With chances to spin the Funzwheel for more Funzpoints and tickets, who knows where your next login might take you?

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Funzpoints pros and cons
Pros and cons
  • Jackpot draws
  • Funzwheel prizes
  • Exclusive booster games
  • Premium Mode
  • Limited game collection
Funzpoints Social Casino Facts
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Show StatesAL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WV, WI, WY
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Candace Labit
"I love this site fair payouts instantly cash out games are different from other sites all around awesomeness will definitely be playing a lot"
Candace Labit
Live it
"I absolutely love this site fair payouts instantly cash out games are different from other sites all around awesome experience will definitely be playing a ..."
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Last Updated on 22.06.2024
Fact checked by: Alex Cabal

Is there any sign of a bonus for Funzpoints social casino?

We all want to spot a big bonus waiting at a social casino, and this is no different. Trouble is, I never spotted one on the homepage, which feels like a missed opportunity. Hang on, though, because there’s a promise of receiving 250 Funzpoints to play with once you’ve filled in your profile details. That’s assuming you’re somewhere where it’s legal to play from, so check the banners here at to get the most accurate info for your location. Suffice to say, there’s a welcome bonus waiting if you qualify to play at this social casino. For further details about it, you can read our Funzpoints bonus review while you’re here.

Let’s go through the signup procedure for this Funzpoints review

It’s best to come out swinging, so let’s do that by checking out the requirements for getting an account there:

  • Select the ‘register here’ button – it’s at the top of the site
  • Choose an email address and confirm it
  • Choose a display name (not your real name)
  • Select a secure password (letters and numbers combos are best)
  • Agree to the terms, the sweeps rules, and the privacy policy by checking that box
  • Hit the register button and you’re good to go!
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Funzpoints sweepstakes casino: How does it look and feel?

It looks like someone’s been let loose with the color palette again, but that’s no bad thing. For me, the key is to look bright and breezy and to showcase many of the best bits of the site. They also need to make sure everything is within reach without any of us feeling like our heads are spinning rather than the slot reels.

And guess what? Funzpoints Casino has got that down pat. Your Funzpoints balance is always at the top of the screen, along with any tickets you might have for the jackpot events. The Funzwheel has – I think, I kept losing count – 18 segments for more Funzpoints, along with a chance of some tickets. That pops up with a Vegas-style SPIN arrow pointing to it whenever you can use it. Honestly, you won’t struggle to find any of the more important areas via the expandable menu either, such as:

  • The FAQ
  • Your profile
  • Your wallet
  • The get in touch option (that’s in green to make it stand out)

There’s plenty more too, but all told, the usability element is excellent.

When did the Funzpoints sweepstakes casino launch?

The operator got in on the social casino action on New Year’s Day 2019 – quite the start date. It’s not among the best-known of these sites, but it’s a quietly impressive one when you compare it to other sites like Funzpoints. As for who’s taking ownership, the large print on the website reveals that Woopla Inc operates the site. Yep, that’s the total of info on the homepage, so I had to do a little digging to find out more. Early in the terms of service laid out for the site, I spotted a Wilmington, Delaware address. And… that’s about all the info we have on that topic.

How does Funzpoints Casino score on reputation?

We’ve all heard about casinos (and social casinos are included in this) that never bother responding to complaints. Stay quiet and people will go away, isn’t that the approach? So, it’s good to see a different stance from this operator, confirmed by data at TrustPilot. To date, they’ve responded to 90% of all the poor reviews, taking less than two weeks to do so. A speedier approach would be good, but plenty of reviewers used words like these:

  • Immersive
  • Excellent
  • Amazing

Judging by the wording used in some of the less favorable reviews, I think some people are mixing up the platform with that of a traditional casino, as they talk about deposits. It shows why we all need to be clear on what they’re offering – and whether we can take part.

Does Funzpoints offer a legit player experience?

I know… it’s beginning to sound like I’m going way too deep here, but let me use a big word for a second – intuitiveness. You won’t even think about it if you like what you see and you can move around the site without any issues. Let’s be honest though – you’ll certainly know all about it if this social casino wasn’t as intuitive as it thankfully turns out to be.

Switching over to Premium Mode? Easy. Finding featured games? A breeze. You can even set gaming limits if you want. It does have that bright and action-packed feel you might have seen at a few other social casinos, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with that – and they do bring a sense of logic to every area of the site, too.

Is there any chance of downloading a Funzpoints app?

Depending on which side of the fence you’re on, you’ll either be relieved when I say no or annoyed that you can’t get an app to play at this social casino. It’s good news though, honestly, as everything is powered by a web app. No need to keep up with endless app updates, then.

If you first visit the site on a computer, check it out on a tablet or smartphone instead to see how it works there. It’s always super quick to load and looks just fine on any size of screen, too. I may have grabbed my other half’s tablet to try this, plus their smartphone, and then tried it on mine too as I’ve got a different handset. And it’s all good in every case.

How many Funzpoints reviews focus on payment options?

This one does, even though there are few methods currently available there. Powered by endless mugs of tea, I pored over every word of the terms of use. Section 6 talks about purchases, and while they’re never a requirement of using the site, it’s sensible to figure out where you stand.

Credit and debit card processing services – handled by a third party – are provided for you should you decide to purchase any Standard Funzpoints. Plenty of new sweepstakes sites use this same approach. Two quick pointers to remember here:

  • Make sure you only use a payment method that belongs to you
  • Make sure the name on your card matches your account profile details

If either or both of those things doesn’t occur, you’re likely to run into issues with purchases.

What is Funzpoints doing to help players in the customer service area?

It’s common to have an aversion to all that tiny print we usually see (or try to, anyway) at the bottom of a social casino website. That said, check out the big print used at this operator. I’ve never seen anything this impressively large before, and it begins to give you a sense of how to get help from the site, should you find yourself in a pickle at any stage – or simply curious about something. You’ll find these areas to read first:

  • An FAQ area
  • Terms of service
  • A reviews section (this takes you to Facebook)
  • Official sweeps rules

You shouldn’t need any sweeps codes for the site, but you can get a ton of info out of the sweeps rules page – way more than I expected, and nicely explained, too. We all want to be clear about whether Funzpoints is a real money site, but fortunately, the FAQ gives us the ‘no purchase necessary’ confirmation early on.

And right at the bottom of the FAQ, we have an email address to use for contacting the team. They state that they aim to reply within the hour, although it can take up to one or two days.

Licensing doesn’t play the same role at Funzpoints Casino

Knock yourself out and skip this bit if you want to get onto the highlights, but I won’t keep you long if you stick around. Licensing doesn’t come into play with the Funzpoints sweepstakes casino. They do have a strict set of sweeps rules, as you’d expect, but there’s no need for a license as they don’t operate within the confines imposed on regular online casinos. If you head to the bottom of the landing page when you get there, you might well chuckle at the large print and lack of detail – there’s not even an address for this operator (although you can get that elsewhere on the site).

Who can play at Funzpoints Casino… and who is left out?

I get the feeling there are plenty of frustrated people the world over who can’t access sweepstakes casinos online. There’s no need for any frustration if you’re in the US though. There’s an excluded states section of their terms of use that mentions Idahoan residents being unable to use the sweeps area of the site. We know players in Washington can’t either, although strangely, that’s not mentioned in the same place. There’s a Funzpoints site for Canadians too, albeit at a different URL. Funzpoints is legit in its approach to sweeps casino action, so that’s the bottom line here.

How does Funzpoints Casino approach the loyalty aspect?

We never quite know what to expect from a loyalty or VIP standpoint at these social casinos. Some go all in and provide multilevel programs to check out… but to date, this operator has held back from that.

Having said that, there’s still plenty to enjoy once you sign up and start looking around. Even as a social casino player, you’ll have many chances to collect more Standard Funzpoints to use. If you do decide to purchase some more of those, you can rack up a batch of Premium Funzpoints to open the Premium play aspect as well. Here are a few points to bear in mind:

  • Certain games are locked when you’re in Standard play, so be aware of that
  • If you do purchase some Standard Funzpoints, you’ll be able to go ad-free for 30 days
  • Premium Mode opens up plenty more to enjoy, even aside from the sweepstakes element of the action

There’s a section early in the sweeps rules that gives you details for each of these modes and what to expect if you access them.

A Funzpoints review of the games you can expect to spot in action

Woopla Inc is the driving force behind this site, and that means you’re getting their complete set of in-house games. Yep, if you want something different you won’t find in other social casinos, you’ll get it here. They treat us to a handful of highlights on their homepage, revealing titles that dip their toes into animal, jungle, and pirate themes. I spotted titles such as these:

  • Super Hit Sevens
  • Kongo’s Adventure
  • Swinging Bells Deluxe

The latter had a Twenties feel about it, so if you’re after plenty of scope even in a relatively small collection of slots, you’ve got it here.

Examining the coins: Is it all about Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins at this social casino?

Well… no. The format is the same but you’ll find some different wording in action here, so it’s good to wrap your head around it all before you jump in. The Standard Funzpoints replace the usual Gold Coins, throwing open the doors to some entertainment whenever you want it. Here are some ways to rack up some of those Standard Funzpoints:

  • Fill in your details inside your profile
  • Spin the Funzwheel for more every three hours
  • Purchase a Standard Funzpoints package

You’ve also got the chance to pick up some Premium Funzpoints. If you’re now thinking those replace the usual Sweeps Coins, top marks for you. That means you can’t purchase them, but you can get hold of some via these methods:

  • Mail in a request by following their instructions (check the site to get your application spot on)
  • Purchasing Standard Funzpoints to get free Premium Funzpoints

Play in Standard Mode for amusement or play in Premium Mode for real chances at some prizes. You’ll get rid of all the site ads in that mode too.

Does Funzpoints work well as a social and sweeps casino combo?

It’s quite a combo, for sure, and although it looks a lot different on the surface, there are few differences going on underneath. If you understand the inner workings of your average sweepstakes casino, you’ll get this too. I’d give it top marks for innovation, for sure, and while there are fewer games, they’re ones you won’t be familiar with.

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Is Funzpoints legit? Finding answers in the FAQs

💰 Can you win real money on Funzpoints?

You’ll use Funzpoints to play in one of two modes – Standard or Premium. These use Standard Funzpoints or Premium Funzpoints, respectively. The Premium mode gives you a chance to play games for real prizes. You’re then able to redeem them by following the sweeps rules.

🔒 Is Funzpoints legal?

It’s legal in most US states, with Idaho the outlier along with Washington – the latter does not permit any sweepstakes events to take place. You can check out more details at

💵 How do I get free money on Funzpoints?

You can purchase Standard Funzpoints to get some free Premium Funzpoints to enter the sweepstakes games for real prizes. You can’t get any real prizes by using Standard Funzpoints.

🎰 What are sweepstakes casinos?

These are casinos that operate using sweeps rules, so you can’t make deposits or withdraw any funds there. You can get hold of sweeps coins to play the games with – these are called Premium Funzpoints if you choose to play at Funzpoints.

🤔 Is it worth reading a Funzpoints review?

Yes, as there are a few differences between this and many other sweepstakes casinos you might find online. We’ve lined up plenty of reviews that cover bonus and site basics.

Will Funzpoints sweepstakes casino sweep you off your feet?

Any early confusion you might feel over the Standard and Premium Modes will soon melt away as you check out the format of the site. It works like a dream and lets you have the choice of playing games just for the heck of it or dipping your toes into the sweeps part of the site. There’s a real quirkiness about Funzpoints I rather liked. That’s how it stands apart from other sweeps and social casinos, so if you’re searching for that approach – something that feels different even though the bones of it are the same – I think you’ll find everything you could want from this operator.

User Reviews for Funzpoints

5/5 – 2 User Reviews
  1. Yessss
    Candace Labit

    I love this site fair payouts instantly cash out games are different from other sites all around awesomeness will definitely be playing a lot

  2. Live it
    Candace Labit

    I absolutely love this site fair payouts instantly cash out games are different from other sites all around awesome experience will definitely be playing a lot


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