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FC 24 Best Attackers

By Alex Cabal | updated On Nov 30, 2023, 10:42 AM UTC


As we all know, finding the right attacking player is the cornerstone of any successful football team. Today, I want to guide you through a thrilling list that I've put together, celebrating the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to the attacking prowess in FC 24.

All of us are always keen to know who is dominating the pitch in terms of attacking. Therefore, let's look at the top 5 attackers who've had the most significant impact in the recent seasons of football. 

1. Kylian Mbappé 

You can't discuss football without mentioning the prodigy that is Kylian Mbappé. Bursting onto the global scene at a tender age, this French forward has transformed the definition of a goal scorer, a menace for any defender he comes up against. 

What really puts Mbappé in a league of his own is his stunning combination of speed, agility, and precision. Within a blink of an eye, he breezes past robust defenders as if they were merely training cones. And before you can react, the ball is already nestled in the back of the net. That's Kylian for you. 

With Mbappé on the pitch, any team must always be on its toes at all times. Like a sniper, he can exploit even a minor lapse in the blink of an eye and punish opponents with his precise shots.

Beyond his natural talent and impressive skill set, the secret sauce in Mbappé's success is his relentless work ethic. It's not merely about the game time; this young maestro keeps grinding off the pitch. His constant strive for improvement is honestly inspiring. 

Mbappé's dynamic playing style and his incredible knack for finding the back of the net have earned him a place among the football elite. With a prolific record of netting 156 goals. He is unquestionably one of FC 24's finest attackers. 

2. Erling Haaland 

It is impossible not to acknowledge the incredible effect of Erling Haaland on FC24 Ultimate Team. This football prodigy from Norway has taken the game to an exciting new level with his remarkable performances on the field. Let's delve into what makes him one of FC24 Best Attackers: 

On-Field Finishing 

Erling Haaland, hailed as a scoring sensation in the realm of football, is undoubtedly a natural-born finisher. His exceptional accuracy and shot power in the box are unparalleled. This result is a tremendous goal-scoring record, solidifying his place as an elite forward in FC24 Ultimate team. 

Incredible Pace 

One of the essential attributes of Haaland's game is his lightning-quick pace. At 6'4", players of his stature are not typically known for their speed. Yet, Haaland defies this stereotype, effortlessly sprinting past opponents and driving straight to the goal. 

Remarkable Strength 

Another standout feature of Haaland's playing style is his strength. His robust physique combined with his complete understanding of the game allows him to hold off even the most persistent defenders, all while maintaining control of the ball and finding the back of the net. 

"Erling Haaland is a game changer, his faith in his abilities is both inspiring & awe-inducing for the fans and the rivals."

Real Life Record

Seasons Played Goals Scored Assists Provided
4 110 55

3. Sam Kerr 

Hello there! Have you heard about Sam Kerr? If you're a fan of exquisite football skills and down-to-earth charisma, you should know her. She's one of the best attackers in FC 24 as well, and for good reasons too. 

A lot can be said about Kerr's game, but the first thing that usually comes to mind is her knack for finding the back of the net. Her nimble footwork, superb control, and quick decision-making have made her a constant threat to any defensive line, and it has translated into some impressive statistics. Like a magician, she can conjure a goal out of thin air, and that, my friend, is the sign of a true attacker. 

But more than her technical skills, what sets Kerr apart is her phenomenal work ethic. She trains tirelessly on and off the pitch, constantly seeking to improve and refine her skills. She's not just resting on her immense talent; she's working hard to be the best. That's the kind of dedication that turns great players into legends. 

Kerr's impact on and off the field has been astounding. Not only does she lead the charge in games, but her leadership skills are also a commodity in the team's locker room. Her ability to communicate effectively with her teammates, coaches, and staff creates a positive atmosphere that is essential for any team aiming for victory. 

4. Harry Kane 

As we venture forth into our list of top attackers in FC 24, we cannot skip over the talismanic Harry Kane. A lethal finisher, technically gifted playmaker, and a reliable team player, Kane represents one of the finest striking forces in contemporary football. 

Dedicating himself to the art of goalscoring, Kane has demonstrated a proficiency for striking the ball that is unrivalled by most. His ability to pounce on any opportunity and unleash a rocket towards the goal post is truly awe-inspiring. 

"I just love scoring, it doesn't matter how it comes! A tap-in, a penalty, outside the box, I just love that feeling. It's why I always take the pen." - Harry Kane.

Key Skills 

  • Accurate Finishing: Kane's prowess in front of the goal is exceptional, boasting an impressive record of accuracy.
  • Strength and Ball Control: With a remarkable physical presence, Harry often out-muscles opponents, while his ball control lets him weave through defences with ease.
  • Assists: The Englishman is not just a scorer, but also a creator who sets up goals for his teammates with pinpoint precision.

Duration notwithstanding, Harry Kane's continuous contributions have been the linchpin in many of his team's victories. His unyielding fervor to improve and overshadow his own records is what makes him one of the most formidable strikers in the world of football today.

5. Robert Lewandowski 

Robert Lewandowski a stellar attacker, Lewandowski continually makes his presence known on the field, leaving spectators and fans in awe of his talents. 

Originally from Poland, Lewandowski has made his name internationally with his top-notch attacking skills. His journey from a local Polish team to the globally recognized FC Bayern Munich is a testament to his hard work and perseverance. And trust me; his work ethic is only one part of the larger story. 

On the field, Lewandowski's brilliance shines. His perfect coordination with his teammates, whether he's preparing to land a goal or setting one up, is a sight to behold. The man just knows where to be at the right time. 

Lewandowski's shot accuracy has been phenomenal. And when I say phenomenal, I mean it in the true sense. He has an uncanny ability to hit the target, making him one of the most feared attackers for any goalkeeper. 

Let's not ignore his physical attributes either. At just over 6 feet, Lewandowski's height gives him an advantage in air battles, often coming out on top when going head to head with defenders. His strength has boosted FC Bayern Munich time and time again by bringing physicality into their offensive play. 

The Wrap-Up

Name Age Team Overall Rating
Kylian Mbappé 24 PSG 91
Erling Haaland 23 Manchester City 91
Sam Kerr 30 Chelsea Women 90
Harry Kane 30 Bayern Munich 90
Robert Lewandowski 35 FC Barcelona 90

These players are the complete embodiment of sheer offensive excellence. They have the skill sets, the stats, and most importantly, the passion and determination to push boundaries further. Each player—Kylian Mbappé, Erling Haaland, Sam Kerr, Harry Kane, and Robert Lewandowski— are valued commodities in the beautiful game, consistently defying the norm and rewriting history books. 

It's important to remember, though, that while we've highlighted these five for their exceptional performances, there are countless other superb attackers out there, striving to outshine and bring their unique flair to the pitch. After all, football isn't just about outscoring the opposition; it's also about creating magical moments capable of driving fans wild with joy, and these players do that in spades. 

However, our evaluation process is continuously evolving, and it's possible that the rankings may shuffle as the season progresses. We aim to keep you in the loop with the FC 24 rankings so that you can see how your favorite players fare in this exciting, high-stakes race filled with adrenaline, drama, and boundless fun.

Remember, football is a team sport, and as remarkable as these attackers are, they wouldn't be where they are without their supporting cast of hardworking teammates. So here's to the playmakers, the defenders, and the goalkeepers who often fade into the background, but without whom, none of the enchanting dialogues scripted on the pitch would be possible. With this qualification, we hope to spark conversation and enthusiasm for the invaluable role of everyone involved in the game we all adore.