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NHL 24: Everything You Need to Know

By Shaun Grech | updated On Sep 6, 2023, 2:27 PM UTC


NHL 24 is set to bring players closer to the real NHL experience than ever before. The game will feature a variety of new features, such as more realistic player movements, improved physics, overhauled goalie systems and much more.

Release Date for NHL 24

EA Sports has officially announced that NHL 24 will be released on Friday, October 6, 2023 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. Early access to the game will be available on Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

EA Sports follows a consistent release schedule for its sports games, and NHL is no exception. NHL 22, for example, was released worldwide on Friday, October 15, 2021, with early access starting three days earlier. Similarly, NHL 23 was released on Friday, October 11, 2022, also with three days of early access. This makes the release date for NHL 24 highly predictable.

Note: While some fans are curious about when EA will cease supporting older consoles, it is worth noting that NHL 24 will still be available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Unexpected NHL 24 Cover Star

Cale Makar, the talented defenseman from the Colorado Avalanche, has been announced as the cover athlete for NHL 24. Despite being a relatively new player, Makar has already made a name for himself in the hockey world. He has earned prestigious awards such as the Calder Trophy, the Norris Trophy, and a Stanley Cup championship. Makar also holds the record for the most points scored by a defenseman in a single season, surpassing a record set nearly three decades ago. His exceptional skills and achievements make him a deserving choice for the cover of NHL 24, and fans are eagerly looking forward to seeing him in action.

There were many contenders for the NHL 24 cover athlete, making it a tough decision for EA Sports. Our own predictions leaned towards the likes of Connor McDavid, the exceptional captain of the Edmonton Oilers. McDavid consistently impresses fans and has already been featured as the cover star for NHL 18. Other players like Alexander Ovechkin and Auston Matthews have also made multiple appearances on previous covers, so McDavid seemed like a strong contender.

Ulimately, it's Cale Makar who has earned the honor of gracing the cover of NHL 24, and we can't wait to see him in action.

NHL 24 Sustained Pressure System

Sustained Pressure System

The new Sustained Pressure System also brings with it a new feature called the Adrenaline and Pinned effects. This will add an extra layer of strategy and challenge to the game by making it harder for defenders to keep up with the attackers. While the attacker is in control of the puck for an extended duration, they will trigger an Adrenaline effect that will increase their stats and make them harder to defend against. The Pinned effect will cause the defender to become fatigued, making them slower and less effective.

NHL 24 Sustaine Pressure New Exhaust Engine Gameplay

The Sustained Pressure System now encourages and rewards players who adopt an aggressive offensive playstyle and spend more time in the attack zone. We hope this will contribute to a more authentic Hockey gaming experience.

New Skill Moves + Revamped Controls

With an enhanced control scheme, performing skill moves has become more user-friendly and instinctive. Additionally, the repertoire of skill moves has been expanded, allowing you to incorporate fake, pass, or deke maneuvers into every move. This adds a new level of creativity and style to your gameplay.

The new control scheme also allows players to chain together multiple moves to create more complex and dynamic plays. In addition, the game has updated its user interface, allowing players to more easily access and customize their controls. According to Tom Inglehart, the game's designer, "We wanted to make it easier for newcomers to jump right in and enjoy playing NHL 24 without having to learn all the intricacies of the game."

NHL Physics Based Contact

Enhanced Physics Based System

The player contact animations in NHL 24 has been overhauled with physics-based interactions, making the body checks more realistic than ever before. With improved rag-doll physics and animations, the physicality of the game is heightened.

Poke-checking has been the dominant defensive technique in the game, often overshadowing other aspects of play.

Defenders now have the ability to push skaters to separate them from the puck, with a reduced penalty risk compared to hitting.

However, hitting is still an integral part of the game. NHL 24 introduces a new checking system where players load up the weight of a player by pulling back on the right joystick and then deliver a hit by pushing up, draining the stamina of the target. There are also hip checks, bench hits, and glass-shattering hits.

NHL 24 New Physics Based Contact System Gameplay

EA Sports has confirmed that in NHL 24 it will be possible to hit a player hard enough that they break the glass and fly into the benches. We cant wait to see the montages the Chel community will upload on YouTube.

Inglehart emphasized the importance of utility when incorporating body checking in the game. In previous versions, hitting players had no significant impact on the game or stamina. In real life, taking a big hit affects multiple aspects and often takes players out of the play.

In NHL 24, stamina takes center stage, and the checking system establishes a direct relationship between hitting and stamina, according to Inglehart.

NHL 24 One Touch Passing

New One Touch Passing System

The latest update in NHL 24 introduces an innovative vision passing system that takes into account the distance between players, resulting in improved accuracy and speed of passes.

The new passing system brings an added level of realism to the game. According to NHL 24 producer, Alex Inglehart, "With the improved passing system, players can now access the full range of passes available in the real-world NHL. The passing system will help players find the right pass at the right time, making the game more enjoyable."

NHL 24 Brings Improvements to Goalies

NHL 24 also makes improvements to the goalies, both human and AI-controlled. AI-controlled goalies have been improved with an advanced AI system that allows them to make more strategic decisions and react more quickly to shots. This means that the AI-controlled goalies are more likely to save shots that would have gone in the net in previous versions of the game.

New Goalie Tethered Control System

For those players who prefer to control the goalie themselves, there are exciting updates to enhance your experience. Say goodbye to leaving the net wide open for your opponent to score. The new tethered control system allows the goalie to slide back and forth effortlessly and then automatically return to the center of the crease.

According to Inglehart, "Experienced players who play as goalies understand how everything works. But for newcomers, it was quite a responsibility to bring the goalie back to the center position in the net. We didn't want to burden players to the extent that they couldn't have fun."

Goalie Fatigue System

The Goalie Fatigue System is another notable addition, affecting a goaltender's ability to make saves as pressure builds and shots are directed towards the net. More pressure will reduce the chances that your goalie makes the save.

State of Cross Play in NHL 24

Good news for players of NHL 24! Crossplay has been introduced for same-generation consoles in both Hockey Ultimate Team and World of Chel. This exciting feature allows you to play with and against your friends, enhancing the multiplayer experience. check out out our deep dive to learn more about all things cross platform play in NHL 24.

The Verdict

NHL 24 promises to deliver another thrilling season for hockey fans. The introduction of cross play for same-generation consoles in Hockey Ultimate Team and World of Chel enhances the multiplayer experience, allowing players to enjoy the game with their friends. Although GM Connected, a popular mode in previous versions, is not available in NHL 24, there are still plenty of exciting features to look forward to. Make sure to mark your calendars for the release date of NHL 24 (October 6, 2023) and stay updated on the latest news and updates.