By Alex Cabal | updated On Oct 5, 2023, 5:54 PM UTC


Have you ever wondered why your beloved FIFA game suddenly changed its name to EA FC 24? If you are still scratching your head, wonder no more. Welcome to an exciting and informative journey that will answer all your questions. Brace yourself and be prepared to get your curiosity satisfied.

Electronic Arts, the world-renowned video game publisher responsible for the FIFA series, has decided to rebrand their popular football game. And, they have stirred things up with an unexpected name change! 


And suddenly, just like that, FIFA is now EA FC 24. For many, the name change came out of the blue, causing a whirlwind of inquiries and speculation. If you've been one of the loyal gamers scratching your head, then this article is for you. So why, pray tell, did your beloved FIFA morph into something seemingly unfamiliar as EA FC 24? Allow us to break it down for you. 

It all boils down to legal issues and licensing rights. Keep reading, it only gets more interesting from here. 

  • Licensing allows the use of trademarked assets: In simpler terms, to use real team names, logos, player names and likenesses, companies like EA have to secure permissions from football organizations around the world.
  • Certain rights were exclusive to FIFA: Before, only EA could use real names, logos, and more because of their exclusive agreement with FIFA.
  • The deal expired: The agreement between FIFA and EA was not renewed, forcing the gaming titan to change the name of its popular football simulator.

Naturally, your next question might be, why didn't they renew the deal? Well... it's complicated. 

The Bun Fight Over Rights 

It's no secret that the relationship between FIFA and EA had been strained for some time. To paint a clearer picture, let's focus on a few key issues leading to this fallout: 

  1. The matter of fees: FIFA wanted EA to pay higher fees, something that EA was not willing to do:
    "FIFA was seeking at least double the $150 million it gets annually from EA Sports".
  2. Who owns what?: There was a conflict over which party had rights to certain types of in-game content.
  3. New revenue opportunities: FIFA allegedly wanted to create their own football games, which would be direct competitors to EA's games.

With all these issues at play, it was clear that something had to give, hence the evolution of EA FC 24. 

Gianni Infantino


As a passionate gamer, you might be wondering how the name change from FIFA to EA FC 24 affects the game and its gigantic player base. Well, we are on the same boat and as the team at GameChampions, we've scrutinized the potential impacts from multiple perspectives. 

The Gameplay Experience 

One aspect of this name change that might affect the gaming experience is the association of the game with the real-life FIFA organization. Whether it's the realistic gameplay, detailed player stats, or the immersive career mode, FIFA has always been appreciated for its authenticity. 

The concern now is how maintaining the level of authenticity will pan out under the new brand name EA FC 24.

Impact on Player Base 

When it comes to the massive player base of FIFA, the slightest change could trigger a ripple effect. It can influence how players perceive and interact with the game, or even dictate the longevity of their engagement. 

Pros Cons
It may ignite fresh excitement and anticipation in players who were tired of the same moniker year after year. The renaming could confuse or alienate long-time players, especially those who closely associate the game with the FIFA organization.
This could potentially attract a new audience curious to explore the EA FC universe. It might make it difficult for certain players to associate the new brand with the soccer game they have always loved.

While apprehensions and doubts are a given, the new era of EA FC 24 is an uncharted territory that presents both opportunities and challenges. Remember, as committed players, our adaptability and openness will define the future of this beloved game. 

  • The gaming community is responsive: continuous feedback and participation will be key in shaping the EA FC universe.
  • The game is still essentially about soccer and it's up to us, the players, to ensure it remains that way.

In conclusion, the name change may bring uncertainty but it also ushers in an exciting new chapter in the history of one of the most beloved soccer games. Let's embrace the change and continue to enjoy and uplift the game we all love so much.


EA FC 24 is not just a series of alphanumerics, but it conveys great value within the FIFA gaming community. Each component of 'EA FC 24' plays its own role in defining the context of the game. 

  • EA: EA is short for Electronic Arts, the world-renowned video game company responsible for the production and distribution of the FIFA series.
  • FC: FC stands for Football Club, hinting at the passion for football that fuels the game's premise.
  • 24: 24 relates to the year of the game's release. For example, EA FC 24 suggests the game was released or will be released in 2024.


As we have navigated this journey together, you may have been wondering why our beloved FIFA changed its name to EA FC 24. The answer, as we now know, is more about strategic positioning and providing a richer and more diverse gaming experience. 

"Everything in the gaming world evolves and changes with time, aiming to provide a more immersive experience to the players. The name change to EA FC 24 is another step in that evolution for FIFA."

What do we at GameChampions think about the name change? 

  • Positivity about the Evolution: We believe the evolution reflects the changes that are needed within the gaming industry. The name change is not merely cosmetic but signifies the strive towards providing a broader and richer gaming experience to the players.
  • Expectations: We expect that EA FC 24 will further push the boundaries and continue to entertain us with more riveting gameplay, incredible graphics, and intense competition.
  • Hope: We are hopeful that this change will embrace the diversity among gamers and push FIFA to become more than just a football simulating game.

We want you, the gamers, to embrace this change and dive deeper into the amazing world of football simulation. So, gear up to kick some balls in the new EA FC 24.