FIFA Online Tournament Rules

This page contains the latest information about Tournament Rules on Game Champions. These rules are extensive and applicable to most scenarios that are encountered in FIFA online Tournament Play however the administrators can use their discretion when needed to ensure the platform remains fair for the players. 

1. General Rules

1.1. Match start & No show

Each player has 30 minutes to show up to a match after it has started. 

If your opponent is not answering his PSN/Xbox Messages, take a picture of the chat and send it to the admin by email. Once you have done that report 3-0 for yourself and you will win the match once the admin validates that the opponent did not show.

1.2. Results

Both players are responsible to enter correct results on the Game Champions website. Players are also responsible for taking a picture of the match results in case there is a dispute. If you have a dispute in the match results, please contact an admin via email at, so that they can check the case and make a decision. If there is not enough proof for either player to be the clear winner the match will be cancelled.

1.3. Disputes

In the event that the reported scores are different, you will need to send picture evidence of the results by email to

1.4. Auto Validation

If a match was incorrectly reported by your opponents, you have 60 minutes to report the correct result before the system will auto validate the score that was reported. Players are responsible for providing proof of match results in case of disputes.

1.5. Final Score

The final score of the match is the score after 90 minutes of the match (full match).

2. Matchmedia

All match media (screenshots, videos, etc) must be kept for at least 15 days. In general, you should email the match media from a match to Faking or manipulating match media is forbidden and will result in severe penalties. 

2.1. Pictures

If there is a dispute you can send your picture evidence by email to You must make sure that the picture contains the score of the match and the usernames of both players for the admins to be able to validate your win. 

2.2. Video

If you want to share video evidence with the admins you can do so by uploading it to YouTube and sharing the link via email to You can also send the video file directly via email if possible. 

3. Settings

All players must use these settings. Different agreements are not allowed!

3.1. Game settings

Matches have to be played through the Online Friendlies with the following settings:

  • Half-length: 3-6 minutes
  • Controls: Any
  • Game Speed: Normal
  • Squad Type: Online

3.2. Custom Formations

All players are obligated to use the predetermined Formations from EA. Using a self-created formation is strictly forbidden!

3.3. Team Selection

Players must play with the teams selected by Game Champions. 

Soccer Aid team is not allowed.

4. Match Rules

4.1. Match start

To start a match you will need to add your opponent on PSN, then invite your opponent via online friendlies using the correct settings.

4.2. Disconnection

In case of losing the internet connection during the match, players still have to finish it. The score from the pre-disconnection is maintained and still counting. The play-off is played on the basis of:

* Disconnection in minutes 0-9 -> play the whole match from beginning

* Disconnection in minutes 10-19 -> play 75 minutes of the match

* Disconnection in minutes 20-29 -> play 65 minutes of the match

* Disconnection in minutes 30-39 -> play 55 minutes of the match

* Disconnection in minutes 40-49 -> play 45 minutes of the match

* Disconnection in minutes 50-59 -> play 35 minutes of the match

* Disconnection in minutes 60-69 -> play 25 minutes of the match

* Disconnection in minutes 70-79 -> play 15 minutes of the match

* Disconnection in minutes 80-90 -> play 10 minutes of the match

The match ends after additional time has passed and the ball leaves the field, except for the corners. (During freekick the ball has NOT left the field).

4.3. Lags

If you experience latency problems in your match, record your evidence of the lag, leave your match and send your evidence to The administrator will review it and cancel the match. Please note that you must leave the match before any goals or red cards have been awarded.

4.4. Bugs

Using the following bugs is strictly forbidden.

4.4.1. Modifying Player Stats

Modifying your team in order to have better stats for your players (which means editing your player's stats to be Higher or Lower) will be punished with an immediate 2-week ban from GameChampions and a €25 fine.

5. Tournament Rules

The Tournament is played in a league system and the winners are the players who earn the most points in that week. You earn points for playing matches on GameChampions. 

5.1. Free Matches

Each player can play up to 5 free tournament matches per day. Resets every day at 9 am CET.

5.2. Regular Matches

Each player can also earn an unlimited amount of additional points for each match played with a bet amount of at least 5 euros.

5.3. Limitations

The maximum number of matches with the same opponent during one day is 3. After the third meeting, players can continue to compete with each other, but the number of points will be reduced to 0.

5.4. Tie Breaker

Total points determine the place in the ranking. In the case of the same number of points by two or more players, the place in the ranking is determined by the total goal difference.

6. Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

The following actions will be considered unsportsmanlike: 

Choosing a different team than what you were given on the match details page

Leaving the match intentionally

Taking time off the clock by passing on your own half. (Required video proof)

Using "Legacy Defending" or other playing systems of this kind is prohibited.

7. Prohibited Activities

7.1 Using incorrect PSN account.

7.2 Creating fake accounts.

7.3 Leaving a significant number of matches.

7.4 Intentional losing to give league points to another user.

7.5 Choosing a different team than what you were given on the match details page

7.6 Inappropriate behaviour toward other users.

7.7 Not filing matches results.

7.8 Playing in this tournament on the PS5 console.

8. Accounts

To compete in FIFA matches you must have a valid PSN or Xbox account registered with your Game Champions account. This account has to be entered in your My Account settings under PSN/XBOX ID. Without a registered account you are not allowed to compete.

8.1. Duplicate Accounts

You are only allowed to have one Game Champions account. Having multiple accounts is strictly against the rules and can result in fines and/or banning from the website.

8.2. Sharing Accounts

You are not allowed to share your account with anyone else. If you are found to be sharing an account you will be liable to pay fines.