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Fortnite Tournaments

Play Fortnite for Real Money Prizes

Looking to make money playing Fortnite? Good news for you! Now you can join thousands of players who bet on themselves on GameChampions. We’re world leaders in esports tournaments for money and Fortnite is no exception. 

Fellow e-sports enthusiasts, here's a game-changer! is turning up the heat for Fortnite fans with a tournament that's sure to keep you on your toes. Best part? You don’t need to pay a dime to join the action! Teaming up with the generous support of, this tournament is absolutely free to play, with the cherry on top being a sizzling hot cash prize pool of $450 every week, all ready to reward the top jet-setters of the leaderboard.

Up to $450 in Weekly Cash Prizes: Thanks to

Yes, you’ve read that right. Not only is this Fortnite tournament free to play, but it's also jam-packed with the opportunity to win big. Thanks to the sponsorship provided by, players are not only competing for the sheer thrill of topping the leaderboard, but also eyeing a lucrative prize pool. All within a week, top players who expertly navigate through the challenges laid out in the Fortnite leaderboard have the chance to earn cash prizes up to $450. 

Just imagine combining the adrenaline rush of intense Fortnite matches with the excitement of potentially earning real money. This is exactly what and are offering—an unrivaled blend of exhilaration and reward. 

So, how would $450 in your pocket enhance your gaming experience? Would it allow you to upgrade to a better gaming rig or perhaps stack up on some premium Fortnite gear? Opportunities continue to unfold, and it's time for you to seize them. 

Remember, winning isn't everything in this tournament—you will also be part of an exciting community, engage in gripping battles and most importantly, have a whole lot of fun in the process. So buckle up, it's time to get your game on!

What are the Prizes - $450 Cash

Check out the table below to see what incredible cash prizes you can win every week in the Stake FC 24 tournament

Rank Cash Prize Bonus Cash
1 $40 $25
2 $30 $25
3 $20 $25
4 $15 $15
5 $12 $15
6 $10 $15
7 $9 $15
8 $8 $15
9 $7 $15
10 $6 $10
11 $6 $10
12 $6 $10
13 $6 $10
14 $5 $10
15 $5 $10
16 $3 $5
17 $3 $5
18 $3 $5
19 $3 $5
20 $3 $5

What is Bonus Cash and How does it Work

Think of bonus cash as a coupon waiting to be cashed. It's not immediately available for withdrawal; you need to 'unlock' it first. How do you go about this? Simple. You need to place bets which total five times the bonus amount. For instance, if you bag $5 in bonus cash, you have to make bets equal to $25 in cash matches – regardless of whether you win or lose those bets. This will result in your $5 in bonus cash becoming available. Be sure to use your bonus cash within 90 days or it'll disappear.

The Generous Support of Making the Fortnite Tournament Possible

Any conversation about Fortnite tournaments will never be complete without a mention of And when it comes to this particular event,'s phenomenal backing cannot be ignored. With their sponsorship, a world of limitless enjoyment and fierce competition has opened up for avid Fortnite players from all over the globe. 

Known for its pioneering efforts in the esports industry, has once again shown its commitment by supporting this free-to-play leaderboard tournament. This means that players have an opportunity to participate without having to worry about paying any entry fees—a true game changer, wouldn't you agree? 

What brings to the table extends beyond financial support—they are making a statement, emphasizing the importance of ensuring everyone has a shot at proving their worth in the virtual arena. This guiding philosophy sets them apart and aligns perfectly with the heart of gaming, uniting players in the spirit of friendly competition. And let's not forget: they're laying a potential jackpot worth $450 on the line.