FREE FIFA Tournament €1500 Prize

From Friday April 30 18:00 to Wednesday May 19 24:00, GameChampions invites you to participate in a FREE FIFA 21 Tournament. This tournament, available for FREE, will allow the best 55 players to walk away with a share of the € 1,500 prize.

Details:🏆 1500 € of prizes to be won
✔️ Registration: FREE
5 Matches per day
📅 From Friday April 30 18:00 to Wednesday May 19  24:00
(Registration for the tournament is possible at any point in time during the tournament).

How to participate:Registration for the tournament is completely free. To register for the tournament and secure your spot in the league table you simply need to login to your GameChampions account and play a FREE Tournament match by clicking the 'Start match' button and selecting FREE Tournament as the game rule. After the match you will earn points and be automatically placed on the tournament leaderboard.

How it works:Players will have the entire duration of the tournament to earn points by playing matches on GameChampions. Each day you will have 5 free daily tournament matches that you can play to earn points, the 5 daily matches reset everyday at 9 AM (GMT +2) so don't forget to check in everyday to maximize your points.

Entrance fee:The tournament registration is completely FREE. You are only allowed to sign up to the tournament with one account and attempting to sign up with multiple accounts will result in disqualification. 

How the score is calculated:Player earn points for playing FREE tournament matches, you can play up to 5 tournament matches per day. A win will reward the player with 100 points, a draw will earn the player 50 points and a loss will reward the player with 25 points. You can also earn points by playing cash matches: 20 points for a win, 10 points for a draw and 5 points for a loss. (cash matches will only count for points when the bet amount is at least 5 euros)

Ranking and Earnings:Throughout the duration of the FREE FIFA 21 Tournament, participants have access to a ranking table that shows the points of all players in the competition. 

Players will be able to follow the evolution of the ranking on the GameChampions website in the tournament tab. The winnings will be credited to the players once the tournament is over and the final ranking has been validated.

The prizes will be distributed among the 55 best players as follows:

Ranking Prize
1st 300 €
2nd 160 €
3rd 120 €
4th 100 €
5th 80 €
6th 60 €
7th 50 €
8th 40 €
9th 40 €
10th 32 €
11th 30 €
12th 30 €
13th 25 €
14th 25 €
15-19 18 € per player
20-29 14 € per player
30-39 12 € per player
40-44 10 € per player
45-49 8 € per player
50-55 6 € per player

(In case of a draw, total goal difference will be used to determine the winner)

Disconnection or Forfeits:Disconnection:
In the event of a disconnection during a match, the players will need to start a new match and play out the remainder of the time left before the disconnection occurred and report the aggregate score from the matches. 

You should wait at least half an hour and if your opponent doesn't show up or contact you then you can report a 3-0 forfeit win for yourself. From there, your opponent will have another 30 minutes to contact you and play the match or be forfeited from the challenge. To report an opponent as inactive you will first need to message your opponent on PSN/Xbox and after 30 minutes if he does not respond take a screenshot of your chat, report the score as 3-0 for yourself and send an email to with the screen capture of your chat and we will validate the win for you.

Acceptance of the rules:
By participating in the FREE FIFA 21 Tournament, the player declares to have read the above rules as well as the general conditions of use of GameChampions. These rules may need to be supplemented or modified by additional rule points announced in the monthly tournament schedule.

For any questions about Tournaments click here to visit our Free Tournament FAQ page