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Play Madden for Cash

When it comes to sports games, few are quite as immersive and tactically demanding as Madden. Here on Game Champions, you have a place to play Madden tournaments for money and test your skills against online opponents in head to head Madden wagers. Compete in head-to-head matches or madden cash tournaments with incredible prize rewards. If you have ever wanted to make money playing Madden, this is the site for you., the leading social casino in America, is the official sponsor of the Madden 24 Tournament on GameChampions. It's absolutely free to play! This tournament is not just about showcasing your Madden skills but also the perfect chance to earn some solid cash prizes. What's a tournament without a tantalizing reward, right? As you compete and prove your mettle, you're not just doing it for the glory. The GameChampions Stake Tournament is featuring a whopping $400 cash pool prize up for grabs. The top performers at the end of the week will get a slice of this impressive cash pie, turning their passion for Madden into a lucrative pursuit. With real cash on the line, the stakes (no pun intended) are much higher, making for a far more thrilling Tournament experience.

What is the GameChampions Stake Tournament

Now that we've broken down the nuts and bolts of the GameChampions Stake Tournament, it's high time we dig a bit deeper to explore its unique format. Unlike any other tournament, this one doesn’t spell "game over" when you lose a match, instead, it offers a continuous opportunity for players to test their skills and move up the rankings.

The Madden tournament on is designed as a free-to-play leaderboard competition, where every match played contributes towards your overall standing. You are solely responsible for your rise or fall on the leaderboard; your performance is tied to your effort, making every game count. 

What are the Prizes - $400 Cash

Check out the table below to see what incredible cash prizes you can win every week in the Madden Tournament

Rank Cash Prize Bonus Cash
1 $100 $50
2 $50 $30
3 $30 $20
4 $20 $20
5 - $15
6 - $15
7 - $10
8 - $10

What is Bonus Cash and How does it Work

Bonus cash is a type of promotional cash that you need to unlock before you can withdraw it. You will need to wager X5 the bonus amount to unlock the bonus cash amount as real cash. For example if you receive $5 in bonus cash you need to bet a total sum of $25 in cash matches before you can withdraw the $5 bonus cash. It does not matter if you win or lose the wager you still progress towards unlocking your bonus cash. You have 90 days to use the bonus cash or it will expire.

How the Leaderboard & Scoring Works

Wondering about the nuts and bolts of the Madden tournament's scoring and leaderboard system? You're at the right place. Here's how things roll. As you enter the battlefield and turn your participation into performance, each decisive move you make on the virtual football field contributes to your overall score. 

Every touchdown, every field goal, every interception - they all count. And as your score grows, so does your position on the leaderboard. Remember, this isn't just about a one-off game - the leaderboard is dynamic and changes as games are won and lost. So, each week, you have the opportunity to climb to new heights and show the Madden world what you're truly made of. 

The beauty of this setup? It's designed to reward consistent performers, not just one-time wonders. So, keep your eye on the ball, put your best foot forward, and every week could be your week to secure an exciting cash prize from 

GameChampions and Stake: A Winning Partnership

Stake is your sponsor for the Madden Tournament. As a leading online gambling site, Stake's sponsorship sweetens the deal for gamers. By supporting the prizes and running the leaderboards, they've added excitement and fiery competition to the tournament. 

As sponsors, takes its responsibility to the participants very seriously. They ensure that the leaderboard is always up-to-date, transparent, and fair. They've also thrown in some incredible rewards to keep motivation high and give players a real goal to strive for. This Tournament is a perfect opportunity to show off your skills, play your favorite football game, and win some cash prizes.