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Stake Call of Duty Warzone Tournaments

Play Call of Duty for Cash

Call of Duty is a hugely popular video game series, and there is a thriving competitive community built around playing it for money. On GameChampions, you can compete in 1v1 kill race matches or take part in our daily league Warzone tournaments. Challenge your friends or play against random opponents online. If you're good at COD and you want to make some money from it, this is the platform for you.

Call of Duty enthusiasts, we have some thrilling news for you! The gaming universe is about to get more exciting as and have teamed up to set the stage for a remarkable Call of Duty Warzone tournament. This isn't just any other esports event - it's a free-to-play leaderboard tournament with the winner claiming an incredible cash prize. 

How to Enter the Call of Duty Warzone Tournament

If you've been itching to show off your COD Warzone skills, this tournament on is a golden opportunity you wouldn't want to miss. Entry is seamless and straightforward, requiring just a few simple steps from your end. 

Firstly, head on over to and create a new account if you haven't already done so. Following this, browse through the list of available tournaments and select the Call of Duty Warzone tournament. 

Once opted in, you will have a week to climb up the leaderboards, which will be updating in real time. Your performance in every game you play will decide where you land on this leaderboard. So, ensure you play your best to secure a top position as lucrative rewards are waiting at the end of the week. 

The $600 Cash Prize Breakdown

At the heart of this epic Battle Royale, the stakes are delightfully high with a grand total of $600 in cash prizes up for grabs. Wondering how these winnings are distributed? Let's dive into the specifics! 

This isn’t just an opportunity to test your mettle against some of the best COD Warzone players worldwide; it’s a chance for a nice payday too. With the total prize pool set at a whopping $600, the battlefield has never been more alluring. 

The most combative and strategic players will be rewarded for their prowess and valor. The top spot garners the lion's share of the prize pot. However, placing isn’t everything, and you’ll still have a chance to win a substantial cash reward even if you don't manage to clinch the very top spot. The table below shows the cash rewards based on placement on the leaderboard:

Check out the table below to see what incredible cash prizes you can win every week in the Madden Tournament

Rank Cash Prize Bonus Cash
1 $100 $50
2 $50 $30
3 $30 $20
4 $20 $20
5 - $15
6 - $15
7 - $10
8 - $10

What is Bonus Cash and How does it Work

Think of bonus cash as a coupon waiting to be cashed. It's not immediately available for withdrawal; you need to 'unlock' it first. How do you go about this? Simple. You need to place bets which total five times the bonus amount. For instance, if you bag $5 in bonus cash, you have to make bets equal to $25 in cash matches – regardless of whether you win or lose those bets. This will result in your $5 in bonus cash becoming available. Be sure to use your bonus cash within 90 days or it'll disappear.

How is Revolutionizing the Warzone Scene, an innovative leader in the online betting arena, takes center stage as the sponsor for our Call of Duty Warzone tournament on With a commitment to redefining the eSports landscape, is leading a revolution in the Warzone scene, by supporting this top-tier, free-to-play gaming event. 

Having grasped the emerging potential of online gaming tournaments, has been earnestly involved in creating opportunities for players around the world. The partnership with for the Warzone tournament is a testament to their dedication towards making eSports more accessible and exciting for everyone. 

What's making this collaboration extraordinary is the sense of fairness and opportunity that it brings to Warzone fans. Unlike other gaming tournaments that involve hefty entry fees, this leader-board style event is totally free to enter.'s vision of inclusive gaming is key to this innovative format. Their goal is to integrate the thrill of eSports competition with the accessibility of free play, ensuring that barriers are dismantled and anyone can aim for glory, all while enjoying their favorite game. 

Further sweetening the deal is a whopping $600 cash prize, waiting just at the end of the week for the top-performing players. The prize pool officially sets the stage for some serious competition. It's the perfect blend of challenge and reward, where every participant stands an equal chance of walking away with a share of the cash.