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Apex Legends Ranks

This article is about to take you on a rewarding journey through the various ranks in the game. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a newbie just trying to get your feet wet, this piece got you covered. From the anticipation-laced lower ranks to the coveted upper echelons, we'll navigate through all. Let's dive into the hearty mix of challenge, adventure, and bone-rattling competition that forms the core of Apex Legends Ranks.

Apex Legends Rank List

It's crucial to understand the hierarchy of ranks in Apex Legends as each rank features its unique rewards and challenges.

The ranks in Apex Legends, ascending from the lowest to the highest, are: 

  • Rookie
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Apex Predator

With an understanding of the ranks and the distribution of players, you can get an insight into how many players are in each rank and figure out how you compare to other players.  Check out the distribition table below:


Percentage of Players

Type of Player

Rookie & Bronze


Novice players, those just starting out or who haven't yet immersed themselves in the game’s mechanics and strategies.



Intermediate players, they've got a good grasp on the basics, but still have a long road of refinement ahead.



Advanced players, they've mastered the basic skills and begun developing advanced strategies.



Expert players, having proven themselves competent in nearly every gameplay aspect.



Elite players, they've boon grinding hours in, mastered advanced strategies, and even developed a few of their own.

Master & Apex Predator


This is the crème de la crème, only players who have truly mastered all facets of the game can dream of attaining this height.

Ladder Points (LP) in Apex Legends

If you're an aspiring pro in the world of Apex Legends, one term that you're sure to come across often is 'Ladder Points' or 'LP'. They are a crucial element of your ranking journey and fascinating in their own right. So, let's dive in to understand what they are! 

What are Ladder Points (LP)?

These are points that players earn or lose in each match, and they act as a numerical representation of your skill level in the Ranked Leagues. A higher LP count means a higher rank, and vice versa. The goal of every player is to hoard as many LPs as possible. 

But you may be left wondering here, "How do I earn Ladder Points?". Well, fret not, I've got you covered. The game calculates LP based on your performance in each match. However, there's a catch! You also need to pay an 'entry cost' for every ranked match you join, the amount of which increases as you climb up the rank ladder. 

Why did I end a match with fewer Ladder Points than I started?

It's because of the aforementioned 'entry cost'. If the LP you earn during a match is less than the entry cost, you'll end up with fewer LP than when you started. 

Performance metrics that the game takes into consideration for LP calculation include factors like how long you survive in each match, your number of kills, assists, etc. Therefore, your approach to each match and your performance significantly affect your LP gain. 

In the next sections, we'll look in more depth at the hidden MMR score and whether your MMR should match your Ladder Points.

Matchmaking in Apex Legends

Matchmaking, in essence, is the game's way of throwing you into the battle royale arena with other players of similar skill level. Sound simple enough? Well, it's a bit more complicated than that. 

You see, the matchmaking relies on something known as your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) that typically fluctuates based on your wins, losses, and overall performance. Your MMR is a better representation of your skill than your rank because it adjusts more swiftly to your performance changes. Unlike your rank, your MMR isn't reset at the end of a season. Rather, it remains a continuous indicator of your abilities, tracking your prowess across seasons.

Matchmaking Rating (MMR)

You're probably asking, "But how is this MMR calculated?" Well, it's pretty simple— your MMR consists of all your wins, losses, kills, assists, damage dealt, and any other valuable contribution you make in a match. 

Think of MMR as an invisible guiding force that matches you with or against players of similar skill level. So, if you've been biting your nails, wondering why you always get the toughest opponents, you know who to blame. Your MMR believes that you're up for the challenge! 

Now, don’t go wishing for a low MMR thinking it would be an easy climb up the ranks. Nope! You might win more games due to easier opponents, but you would also end up less skilled players in your team. A high MMR, on the other hand, brings high risks and high rewards. You're matched with top-tier players, get a thrilling gaming experience, and most importantly, rise through the ranks faster when you win. 

Tools to Help You Improve

There are a stack of resources on the internet dedicated to providing you with statistics, insights, and tools to analyze your performance. So, let's dive right into it. 

  • 1. Apex Legends Tracker: This top-of-the-line website provides stats for all players and platforms. You can view your match history, see your win rate, and get detailed stats about your most used legends. It's practically the holy grail of tools for the committed Apex legend player.
  • 2. Apex Tab: Don't be put off by the simple interface, this nifty site hosts a wealth of information. It allows you to track your performance over time and compare it with other players. It also showcases leaderboards to give you that competitive itch.
  • 3. DreamTeam: While primarily a platform for forming teams, DreamTeam also provides player stats. It's particularly useful if you're looking to connect with other players at your skill level.
  • 4. Apex Stats: This website offers a comprehensive statistical breakdown of your gameplay in Apex Legends. The overall performance graph beautifully illustrates your progress, and there’s even a ‘Hall of Fame’ where you can compare your stats against the community’s top players.

After tackling the ranks, you're probably wondering, What's in it for me? Trust us, the hard-fought victories and strategic triumphs are rewarded, and generously so. 

Rewards from Ranking Up

Ranking up in Apex Legends not only catapults you to the apex of the pack, but it also delivers you a treasure trove of juicy rewards that would make any Legend salivate. So, what exactly are these shiny trinkets that you're battling so fiercely for? Allow me to paint you a picture. 


To start with, each season you scale to a new rank, you're awarded a nifty badge to flaunt your success. This isn't just a decorative piece but a badge of honor, something to display proudly as a testament to your progress and skill. 

Gun Charms 

But it doesn't stop there; ranked rewards in Apex Legends include exclusive gun charms. Adorning your favorite firearm with these charms adds that personal touch, and we must agree, they look absolutely stunning. These charms aren't available through any means other than ranked play, giving you further validation of your accomplishment. 

Dive Trails 

Accompanying the badges and gun charms are the remarkable Dive Trails. You can think of these as your flashy entrance into the arena. Now, these rewards were initially permanent, but starting from Season 3, Apex Legends introduced a system where Dive Trails earned during a particular season would only be available for the following year. This means you need to re-earn them each year, which adds another exciting element to the ranked play. 

Each rank comes with its own unique set of rewards. Yes, you guessed it right; the rewards get better the higher you climb. It's no surprise that deep gold glow from the Predator ranks is quite something to behold! 

How to Rank Up Faster in Apex Legends

If you're looking to ascend the ranking ladder in Apex Legends swiftly, you're definitely in the right spot. We've gathered some game-changing tips and strategies to help you rank up faster. Before we plunge into the nitty-gritty, remember that it's the balance of improving your skills and understanding game tactics that truly counts. Ready, are you? Let's dive in! 

Maximize your Survivor Time 

This might sound a bit cliché, but survival truly is the name of the game in Apex Legends. The time you survive in this Battle Royale will significantly determine your rank. The longer you stay in the game, the more rankings points (LP) you stand to gain. Positioning plays a critical role here, so choose your battles wisely, avoid unnecessary engagements and ensure your team is always on the move. 

Keep your Squad Alive and Kickin' 

Playing solo might be tempting, but remember that Apex Legends is essentially a team game. Having squad members alive increases your survival chances. A well-coordinated team can also rack up more points through kills and assists. So, get into the game with a team-focused mindset and use your legend abilities to provide support. 

Step up Your Kill Game 

While maintaining survival time is crucial, it's equally important to stack up on kills and assists. You can only earn a maximum of kill or assist points per game, but every point counts. So make sure you're engaging in fights smartly. Knowing when to push into a fight and when to third party can bag you the necessary points. 

Stay Consistent 

One thing about Apex Legends ranked play is its consistency. Your first few matches may not reflect your skills adequately, but playing consistently can build up your Match Making Rating (MMR). This, in turn, increases your chances of being matched with high-rank players, which will fast-track your rank progression. 

Master Multiple Legends 

Having a main Legend is great, but mastering multiple characters can add much versatility to your game. Certain circumstances or team compositions may not favor your main, and having flexibility can be crucial in such situations. Each character in Apex Legends offers unique abilities and strengths - understanding how to leverage them can change the game dynamics in your favor. 

Fasten your seat belts, because ranking up in Apex Legends is a thrilling ride. As you apply these strategies and banks on your skills, you'll observe a significant improvement in your gameplay. Remember, it isn't about just getting to the top rank—it's also about improving as a player and enjoying the journey!

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